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  1. Larry Jones
    Larry Jones
    I am feeling very lazy
  2. northangrywolf
  3. shubhamkumar
    shubhamkumar Josephur
    i m using windows 8 as os but if i m downloading the virtual box after all the setup done the fatal error is poping up how should we solve the problem please help me to solve the problem
    1. Josephur
      Post this in the forum threads so someone can help you.
      Jan 7, 2017
  4. Graceolivia
    Pro Academic
  5. Aceuse
    I'm a computer savvy person and self learner by computing since 1995 when Windows 95 was first launched by Microsoft. DOS began be outdated.
  6. James Anning
    James Anning MikeHawthorne
    Hi, Mike...As you suggested I'm using displays all the entry loaded and running, but,I'm either not seeing or understanding where or if it is showing errors ? In a nut shell what all can I "do" with autoruns? (please reply to'm having issue with this site....thanks James
  7. hTconeM9user
    Divorced but got a Girlfriend and twins one boy one girl
  8. thiruthuvadoss
    i have a problem in my Laptop HP N series, automatically in my screen small rounds like rings goes up. zooming it. please help to resolv it
  9. isaam
    All the icons on my desktop are zoomed in, im not sure what to do?
  10. CopierGuy
  11. isaam
    isaam kemical
    All the icons on my desktop is zoomed in, I don't know what do ?
    1. kemical
      Hi Isaam, your better off creating a new thread in the forum as more people will see it and answer.
      Nov 17, 2016
  12. Atomicsharkie105
    I need help fixing my computer. All of my USB ports have stopped functioning properly, i have scouring the internet for answers, please help
    These aren't the droids you're looking for. You can go about your business.
  14. Legendboi
    Can't believe what happened! Tech genie is a huge scam!!!
  15. Legendboi
    Can't believe what happened
  16. Jawwad Ahmed
    Jawwad Ahmed
    Feel Free to Ask Anytime...
  17. boriskarloff
    The computer science is in the wrong hands
  18. PerpetuallySolid
    Currently figuring out how this place works; please stand by;;
  19. Aceuse
  20. Vishwanath
    Having problem in unlocking the multimedia function key "fn" in windows 10 model DELL 3542