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    Virtual PC - Slow processor speed

    I recently installed the newest edition of VirtualPC on my Win7 ultimate machine. Having used VPC 2007 in the past, I was expecting a similar experience. Only to be disappointed when I installed a VM of Win7 Pro, and it was extremely slow. The processor speed reported was 5 Mhz. I find this...
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    Windows 7 breaks, then hangs. Then saw on CHKDSK for 30 minutes. Now im stuck

    Hello... I've been running my Windows 7 x64 machine for about 3 weeks without problem. All of my programs are installed on the SSD and the HDD is for data files. Simple. Easy. I run dual display with no problem, 1920x1080 on the 24" LED (DVI), and extended to a 19" LCD (VGA). My dad...