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    Windows 10 Where do I start to program UX tweaks in Windows

    Other tweaks probably involve patching dll's and then adding your own resources to the existing dll's that load specific resources for the system UI, but of course this probably also invalidates digital signatures in the process and may cause your AV or the Windows AV to raise some red flags...
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    Windows 10 Python: get PID from window handle

    GetWindowThreadProcessId can be used to get the PID directly without the need for GetProcessId.
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    Windows 10 Can't save to text file with visual c# universal app

    This is different though, the classes he is using are for Windows Apps. @OP : I would suggest you follow this guide instead for app settings: Store and retrieve settings and other app data Use the ApplicationDataContainer.Values property for simple app settings -...
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    Windows 7 Powershell LAN/WLAN Switcher

    ForEach ($nic In $nics) { If ($nic.NetConnectionStatus -eq 2) { Disable-WirelessConnection break <---- } Else { Enable-WirelessConnection break <---- } } It won't iterate through all of them though because of the break statements. Look at...
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Powershell based virus detector

    I know, that's what I'm saying, so it's not a *full* virus detector, but more of a file scanner.
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    Windows 7 Powershell LAN/WLAN Switcher

    I don't think that the for loop is necessary if both code path's break from it in the first iteration of your first function. Not a bad idea though, but sometimes I like to have multiple networks
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    Windows 10 Windows 10 Powershell based virus detector

    This is more of a file integrity check. Most viruses now don't run in their own executable, they are mapped into the memory of running processes, and this won't detect that. This is okay as a file scanner however.
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    How to change color ? in Windows 10 v1511.10586.17

    I would really like consistency though. My power context menu is a dark gray, but the regular context menu for anything else related to a right click is still that light control color.
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    How to change color ? in Windows 10 v1511.10586.17

    I am running build 10586 and it appears that the power menu is black by the settings I currently have. No visible settings added to the personalization menu however so I'm not sure if it has something to do with an existing theme option or not. It's very late however and I need to go to sleep.
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    How to change color ? in Windows 10 v1511.10586.17

    There is a hidden dark theme that I was going to post above in which requires a registry modification, but it only applies to the settings window and apps. I have not yet updated, but I'm fairly sure that it's an option with the new latest builds of Windows 10 with context menu options. I'm...
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    low memory notification

    I would hold the power button on your PC for about 8 seconds until it completely turns off. From there try booting up your PC, and see what a tool like Process Explorer (Process Explorer) says about the running programs and services on your PC immediately after login. See what is taking up the...
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    Windows 10 Script to disable Network Discovery

    Hmm? Why would you think a batch file wouldn't work? All he needs to do is right click on the *.bat file and choose to Run as Administrator. This allows the batch script to run within an elevated command prompt which is no different than typing the command into an Administrator command prompt.
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    Windows Server Programming and Hacking

    C# is not a variant of C. C# is a managed language in which is Microsoft's own version of Java after some dispute about the language. Syntax is similar but C++ branched off of C, and C# branched off of Java. Technically they are all their own lanauges at this point in time as there are...
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    Windows 7 Build thumbnails cache for a folder and subfolders in Windows 7

    This is by default the way Windows works, and because they are high res, that means the filesize goes up as well. In that image you haven't even let the folder view load fully, the green bar is still apparent in there.