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    Google to release Chrome OS this year

    Will have to have a look at this once its released
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    Windows 7 P O R T A L

    cheers for the info i'll be having that
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    Activation Problem Windows 7

    It will allow you to continue using Windows, but as for any updates for windows or internet explorer, you wont recieve them. same if microsoft release a service pack, you wont be able to install it there will be a charge for the replacement vista discs, you will need to get in touch with your...
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    Told windows my second drive is CDFS its not.

    Just had a quick look through a number of websites for some sort of help with this. It seems the only way to use this drive normally is a format to fat32 or ntfs
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    MS Help Desk fewer Calls then Expected !!!

    Anything to do with the fact you get easier to understand and faster support if you post on forums like this, should you come across a problem ?
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    Which OS Did You Upgrade From ???

    sorry drew meant i picked upgraded vista from the poll at the top vista was preinstalled on my pc at purchase, so i still have the recovery sector for it should i wish to go back as for the current windows i am using, that's 7
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    Which OS Did You Upgrade From ???

    similar to Drew i went through the RCs to the RTM, but i picked vista as it came preinstalled on the pc
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    Told windows my second drive is CDFS its not.

    reformat it using Disk Management tools (same steps you took before)
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    Latest Microsoft patches cause black screen of death

    Same here. All updates applied as they are released. Not had any problems
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    Latest Microsoft patches cause black screen of death

    same story on BBC News - Microsoft investigates Windows 7 'screen of death'
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    Back button works on its own

    Another question is, do you have a Wireless keyboard and mouse with the browser functions on either of them? I have a wireless keyboard kit and found that every now and then the browser would randomly go to full screen, as if F11 had been pressed Replaced the batteries in the keyboard and all...
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    Fix for "Unidentified Network" / No Internet Access

    The services lists can be accessed by opening the Start Menu and type services.msc into the search box. Just hit Enter after thats been typed. No need to wait for the search as windows will just open it Or it's also in the Control Panel under Administrative Tools (called Services in there too)
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    How to make a program minimize to the right?

    Mine's the same even though its running fully under Windows 7 (no compatibility modes) and is the latest version Not so much of an annoyance, just used to it being on the right
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    Got charged twice for the same software

    contact the store where you ordered it from, or your credit card company tell them what happened and they will sort it
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    Want to buy Product key only

    just buy a new disc from amazon and the use the key supplied with that one its less hassle and they are still cheap on there