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    Speedfan 4.3.5 Beta 31

    Yerp 31 Beta's
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    Windows 7 beta to be released in December?

    Yerp, gonna be released soon! Im lookin forward to it.
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    Keyboard Won't Work When Installing

    Probably some conflicts between the system..
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    Mac or PC

    I use my Mac for my personal needs, but my PC for internet and games.
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    SP1 Download

    Thanks, I was looking for this, As my WU doesnt show it.
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    Welcome to the Windows 7 Forums

    Re: Windows 7 There's not much that people know about Windows 7. But I hope the PDC Build will be as good as the Longhorn PDC Build!
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    Vista won't start unless DVD is in drive

    Just keep clicking cancel. It should boot up then.
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    Knoppix Linux - Live CD

    I don't like Knoppix, All linux distro's are the same to me
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    Mac or PC

    Yep totally agree with you..
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    Cannot (re)install Itunes

    Hm, you might be in big trouble, I suggest that if you dont have alot of things on your laptop, Install Vista Again! Or just try to install a newer or older version.
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    Windows Media Player 9 on Vista

    It maybe could work. As you never know what is going to happen with Vista.
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    New feature pack for vista

    I recently heard about this on someother forums.. Thanks for sharing
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    Error when excuting install

    Hey man, Maybe your problem is that you might not have a 64bit system. If you still do. Try to install x86