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    the ordinal 96 could not be located

    I have had the same Ordinal 96 problem, got absolutely NO satisfaction from Uniblue. It just appeared out of the blue (no pun intended) one day. It did not seem to be causing any problems, everything was running quite well, so I just clicked 3 times on it and went onward. Was a bit of an...
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    Windows update

    Windows update tells me there is a "critical update" available. When I check for updates, I see it is an update for MSWorks 9. I don't have Works 9, I have Works 8 and don't want to spend a few bucks to upgrade to 9. When this update installs, it disables Works 8, I get a message that file...
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    Internet Explorer Win 7 Home Premium

    That found it. Thank you. I had tried searching for it but had apparently used some other search term. I found it with "iexplore" (no "r" on the end) Again, thanks very much
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    Internet Explorer Win 7 Home Premium

    It would not install, either. I get a dialog box that says IE8 is not supported on this operating system.
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    Internet Explorer Win 7 Home Premium

    I thought it should be there "somewhere", too, but I cannot find it anywhere. I have been to the page referenced (Internet Explorer 8 Windows 7 Security Features Malware Privacy) and I click on "Download", it takes me to another page to make selections, Windows 7 is not listed in the operating...
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    Internet Explorer Win 7 Home Premium

    I have been using the Firefox browser, switching to IE occasionally for some web pages. I started to go to IE this morning and found that it has disappeared, it is not on my system anymore. The last I recall using it was a week or so ago and all was well. I have no clue as to what has...
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    XP Mode-Final

    Is this eventually going to be made available for use with all versions of Win7? I have Windows 7 Home Premium and I suppose that's what most folks are running since it's what comes installed on most new computers.
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    What is the purpose of file C:/windows/system32/shell32.dll?
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    Nope, won't let me do anything in Safe Mode, either.
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    When I run Uniblue RegistryBooster I get a message that says "Ordinal 96 not file shell32.dll" Uniblue (A MS certified service) Tech Support said to download the new shell32.dll and replace the old one in windows\system32. When I try to do this, it won't let me because it says I...
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    Farting Squirrel

    "Refreshing" is not the word I'd use. OTOH, maybe, given the product, it IS apropos. ;):p:)
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    Networking different Windows versions

    I have the network all set up and working OK. I can access the computer using Win XP from this computer using Windows Seven, but when I try to access the Windows Seven computer from the XP computer, a dialog box asks for a username and password. I have absolutely no idea what username I'm...