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    Thinking of reinstall

    1. install acronis true image home 2010. 2. If you could mount the drives at the same time (ie: desktop pc, external HD) you can use the clone disk utility under the tab tools and utilities or you can use the backup under the home tab (select sector by sector if you want to backup everything...
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    Thinking of reinstall

    Yes! try acronis, already tried it and it work. I suggest you keep the disk copy for future problems.. :)
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    Re-partitioning/moving O/S?

    try this for the w7 partition tool to work, defrag first before trying the shrink disk option..
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    ACER aspire 4310 WIFI LED button

    if all the drivers is updated, what else can I do? is there a hack or something to fix this? all other things are fine, except for the LED, it is just bugging me.. :)
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    Users cannot see Drive in Windows 7

    is drive G: a harddrive, BRD/DVD drive, memcard reader? what kind of drive is it? Windows 7 has a option to hide its drive (DVD, etc) when nothing is loaded.. :)
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    Blue Screen for no apparent reason?

    i have the same problem after assembling a new desktop pc, figure out that it was the ram that was causing the prob even if the ram passed several mem check i returned the RAM(it was covered with warranty), no more BSOD just try to change the RAM..:) (borrow from a friend to test it )
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    control panel in one window

    thanks for the list! :)
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    wireless stopped working (windows 7)

    what is your wireless router?check for upgrade of its firmware..
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    ACER aspire 4310 WIFI LED button

    yes i have the latest drivers(windows update just updated some) and also check out the acer site.. acer site does not list 4310 as compatible to win 7, i dont know why.
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    Win7 Laptop Battery Problem

    same probem recently install WIN 7 on a EEEPC the power icon keep showing "replace battery". on xp it doenst have that error..
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    CMD/ I run a "dirty" query, it says I must be an admin......but I am!

    right click run as administrator.. :)
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    Cannot Delete File Off Desktop

    solved in another thread he just used Link Removed - Invalid URL :)
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    control panel in one window

    1. just create a new folder 2. rename it to PUTANYTHINGHERE.{ED7BA470-8E54-465E-825C-99712043E01C} 3. press enter, the last part will disapear :)
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    Tips, tricks and hacks to make Windows 7 more awesome

    tnxs for sharing :)
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    ACER aspire 4310 WIFI LED button

    The Wifi Button on my ACER aspire 4310 lights up when Wifi is disable and the LED is off when it is enable. does someone knows how to solve this problem? Tnx