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    Windows Activation Error Code 0x80070422

    Thanks For Info But Is it possible From India. If Yes Any Procedure Guidence. Secondly How i am gonna activate Over Phone When The Place Where I Need To Enter the cd key is only giving me this error..
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    Windows Activation Error Code 0x80070422

    As I told in My original post i have already visited microsoft site and what all it says i have already tried. Furthere More I know about the possibility of vundo virus for this error so i have already scanned my pc with KIS 2009 updated... Thanks and any more information would be...
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    Hard Drive Space Error?

    You Can Also Give More Information By Posting Analyses Of C in Disk Analyser Availabele In Windows 7 Something like this... Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    "This computer is not running genuine Windows"

    As Per My Information Beta keys do work for RC1 as i am using ..:-)
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    Hard Drive Space Error?

    I suggest u run checkdisk by going to command prompt and type "chkdsk c:\ /f" then press y when it asks to schedule for next time. In ur case it may the case of orphaned files or wrong display of free space problem. Try and tell what happened..
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    What happened to my folder????

    how about a restart??
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    A very helpful Discovery..

    But I read it already When I was reading all the new about what's new in Win 7 but At that time it was great discovery for me as it will be for people who discover it now. But sadly very less people use it.While Posting their problems if they Use it ,really would help...
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    Windows 7 Can't run far cry 2 very well, GTA4 no go for me too

    For GTA 4 u dont need to run in compatability mode it works perfectly fine in 7 as i am playing About Ur %p problem go here
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    Windows 7 Call of Duty 4 - Game crash Please Help

    What all u tried?? I mean like Compatability mode. Run as administrator or reinstalling And Which Version Of Patch Are U using?? Is it original or cracked?? Please supply the above info
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    uTorrent problem

    Check Availability Of Torrent Incase U have not checked out..:cool:
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    Windows 7 no virtual drive programs working on windows 7?

    Daemon Rules Go and Use Daemon Tools 4.10 Why going for others Daemon Is the Best...
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    Windows Activation Error Code 0x80070422

    I did a clean install of RC1 activated it.Customized some services then suddenly i am seeing that not genuine copy message. So when i tried to reactivate it i am getting the error. Further more as error suggest some service is disabled i went to event log to find more detail but this event does...
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    Windows Activation Error Code 0x80070422

    I have Win7 RC1 Build 7100 Problem is 1)Activation Status and Product Id Status Not Availabe. 2)When I try To Activate Windows From Control Panel I get An Error Has Occured. In Details Error Code is 0x80070422 I have already tried enabling services required like BITS,windows update and...