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    Major issue with USB Webcam and Zoom/Skype

    Since updating to Windows 11, I have had a lot of problems. A big issue I am facing is that I cannot use Zoom properly with my external Webcam. It works at the beginning of the call but then everything starts to lag soon after. There's video is not syncing with audio and is a few seconds behind...
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    Major Wifi Issues

    Yes that's set to off. Now my internet is not working at all nor showing in settings. This is the 2nd time this has happened in a week of installation - I have to do a system restore to fix. Could the problem be arising by using a VPN? Out of the changes between Windows 10 & 11 - I noticed...
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    Major Wifi Issues

    Just updated from Windows 10. WiFi works from home but I am unable to connect to a public wifi or personal hotspot. I have tried every troubleshooting guide i can find but the issue persists. In the network & settings section I have the following error: No Internet access: your device can only...