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    Power8 - Start menu replacer for Windows8

    There is an option of windows blind. Can we use that? I had used it once but i faced many problem, like my system was working too slowly. Some time it gone hang. Is there any other application like windows blind?
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    Windows 8.2 Rumors Likely True: Start Menu Returns

    Microsoft didn't announce any such type of news but there are various things you can find here..
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    Power8 - Start menu replacer for Windows8

    yes there are many software applications used to customize windows screen and many more like windows blinds. you can use such types of application.
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    Power8 - Start menu replacer for Windows8

    Friends, windows has provided an update in windows 8.1. This update is only for the users who are switching to 8 from 7. They were facing froblems sowindows updated 8.1. Thank u.
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    Yoot - Free Youtube app for Windows 8 users

    An another option for youtube video download is try tubemate. From which you can easliy download and watch streaming.
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    How would you rate Windows 7

    Windows 7 is better option for windows xp and vista but 8 and 8.1 is better option for win 7. So i will give 4 out of 5.
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    Urgent help!!!!

    Its hardware problem u should contact with customer care of dell support.
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    Booting windows from USB. Please help.

    Try a better option with yumi bootable application for windows. There might be problem with os that some time all os do not support all bootable applications.
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    Windows 8 boot issue

    There should not be any problem in booting of windows 8.1 or 8. Microsoft released 8 just because of boot speed was very much in previous windows. Windows 8.1 is better option for operating system.
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    How can I create a hotspot with encryption?

    You can use Hotspot Shield application for windows. Use google to search the app and download it.