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    Compatibility with HP Device

    As Neemobeer mentioned it is not supported, still to satisfy you can download the Official tool released by Microsoft to see if your device will run Windows 11. Below is the link for it Go down to the bottom of the page & under check for...
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    Windows is not booting from USB

    Hey Glenwell! Hope you are doing well and are safe. Seeing to your specified issue, can you confirm that your laptop supports windows 10 from its hardware point of view.
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    Windows 10 Recover Product Key

    Thank you Neemobeer I totally forgot to mention this :)
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    Windows 10 Recover Product Key

    Good, no problem at all :)
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    Microsoft Re-Releases Windows Insider Preview PC Health Check Application

    Hey Mike, wanted to clear my doubt about Windows 11 which I read. I read that now Microsoft will let users install Windows 11 on non supported devices or old cpu's. But the catch is those systems will not get the system updates aka Windows update. Please correct me if I am wrong, but it is what...
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    Windows 10 Recover Product Key

    Hello Bridterry, Yup you are almost correct except the license key part shown in settings. That is not the license of your Windows 10. And as far my opinion I will suggest you if you have the new machine you can switch it on. It will cause no harm with W11. You can still upgrade it on your new...
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    Malware aftermath

    Hello Redsona. Hope you are doing well. Here I would Suggest you to run several scans on your device and see if it helps you out. 1. Run sfc scan as well as dism scan 2. Run a full system scan by Windows defender and if not you can go with MalwareByte And after each scan restart your device...
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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    Playing Windows games requires you have a good specs of your device. So choose a game which your specs can support. Their are many like BattleField, Max Payne, GTA 5, and a lot more. Choose according to your wants and which your device can support. Message me if you need more help and anything else
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    Windows 11 Discussion

    Man, Looks Superb
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    Windows 11 Discussion

    Just got my Windows 11 preview build, Download is on the way. Yay...... :applaud: :)
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    High CPU causing laptop to be slow(task manager)

    Hello Wilkesy91, Hope you are safe and good. Seeing to your issue, first of all check in the task manager which service/task is taking up space or is running in background. They can be apps, software's, Microsoft Services, Windows Defender running/scanning and its service Antimalware service...
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    PC Health Check app not opening

    Try to uninstall it, and then reinstall it again. Along with this check if you have the latest Windows Update installed on your device or not.
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    Windows 11 Discussion

    Yup, but frankly speaking its not that much complicated :)