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    Switching sound devices causes distortion/repeated sound

    Hey guys, I'm having a weird issue with switching between my onboard audio and my Sound Blaster Z. Whenever I set the latter to be the default device, I get what sounds like a sound repeated over and over, echoing endlessly. The reason I switch between the two is to use my headset when I'm...
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    PC only boots every second time

    I apologise for reviving such an old thread, but after upgrading to Windows 10 this issue has returned. The last time I apparently fixed it by going into power settings and stopping the hard drives from turning off - I am still puzzled as to how this affects the machine booting, but it did...
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    Netflix app with MCE remote

    Hello all, I've had the idea to use an old laptop as a Netflix machine for my mother, and I'd like to be able to hook up a Microsoft MCE remote and let her navigate the software with that. She used to use this laptop, but switched over to a Windows 10 tablet when the thing began failing in...
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    Stop Windows 10 from uninstalling

    Thanks for the comment, Michael (not sure why you deleted it?). Thankfully it was not rolling back to a previous version of Windows, but to the previous state Windows was in before the update. I've told it to defer such updates so hopefully it won't bother me again.
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    Stop Windows 10 from uninstalling

    So, this morning Windows decided I wasn't having enough fun in my life, and decided to fuck with me. Yesterday, it had updated but I had not yet restarted. I hadn't scheduled it - in fact the schedule window was open so I could dictate when I wanted the thing to update. When I woke up, I saw...
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    PC only boots every second time

    I'm sorry I haven't replied before now, but I have good news. While looking for people who had posted about the same issue on the 'net (and there are many), I came across a post that suggested that the hard drives not powering up in time may have been to blame. I thought to myself that it...
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    PC only boots every second time

    Well, after I installed I let Windows Update do it's thing, then I ran through all of the drivers for the motherboard and graphics card. Checking the latter, the driver seems to be from AMD. What on the motherboard side of things should I look for? I'm not convinced this is the cause, but I'm...
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    PC only boots every second time

    Hey guys, I'm having a weird issue here that I have no idea how to fix. Every time I go to turn on my pc the next day, it won't boot unless I switch it off first - but that's not the whole story. I once tried switching off the psu before turning it on (again, a day later) and it still wouldn't...
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    Windows Media Player error

    Our media pc keeps bring up a window with the following message - "Windows Media Player Library Make media files show up in Windows Media Player Library" It offers three options - advanced, next, and cancel. Clicking next has it detect for errors, then just sit there and keep detecting, not...
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    Post your rig's specs

    My desktop - Core 2 Duo E8400 3GHz Asus P5Q Pro 8GB Corsair XMS2 DDR2 PC6400 Club3D Radeon HD4870 1GB 250GB SATA (Windows, programs) 1TB SATA (Games, Music, Documents, Editing) NorthQ "Godzilla" 500W PSU NZXT Nemesis Elite Silver case Samsung P2450HD 24" LCD HP W19b 19" LCD Logitech X540 5.1...
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    Xbox 360 as Media Center extender

    My flat-mate purchased one of the new "slim" 360's the other day and though I had no interest in it, I found that it is a convenient way of using the Sky Player rather than having to physically go over to the media pc and use their software, or search endlessly and without result for a way...
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    GPU issue

    Hehe, nice pictures. Reminds me of when I was up in a lan gaming convention and the only place we had to sleep was under our computers, in the relative safety of underneath the desks. Well, after uninstalling all ATi drivers and programs, downloading and installing 10.6 and reinstalling Flash...
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    GPU issue

    Well, since you were so enthusiastic about the photographs, here's another! It's actually a figure of Jareth, the Goblin King from Henson's film, Labyrinth. Standing next to him is Ocarina Link, though sadly without his shield, and on the first picture in my original post you can see Hoggle...
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    GPU issue

    I'm not sure where the fault lies with this, for it could be either a driver or heat issue, or maybe something else. My video card is over a year old now, a Radeon HD4870, and has never given me trouble before. What's happening is that I'll come out of a YouTube video - say, exit full screen and...
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    Damn you, Microsoft

    A few friends of mine recently installed the beta for their own media pc, after previously having Vista on there. I don't know why they switched, but days later, when I went back up, I saw that they'd gone ahead and gotten rid of it, installing Ubuntu instead. When I asked why, they said they'd...