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    How to Upgrade this computer to Windows 10?

    Since this is a laptop....going with an OEM would be the cheapest way. Which can be found on from $99 to $149. Just have to catch it at the right time. Or you could go with a retail copy which is if you ever decide to build you can use that PD Key. Also, I would...
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    2nd Gen RTX

    2nd Gen RTX is here. Have a wont be disappointed.
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    Microsoft edge vs Google Chrome

    The new Edge is pretty good.....I still prefer Chrome.
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    How do I clean junk off my computer?

    I would generally concur with that statement.....BUT.... MS makes it so cumbersome for the beginner/novice to the intermediate to do such simple tasks that most users, including myself, that likes the simplicity of a 3rd party app to do the job. Just my opinion. FWIWI: I've been a long time...
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    New Router, maybe.

    With the move....did Spectrum come out and setup new hardware? When we moved we canceled our account/service then re-joined Spectrum as a new customer. We also went from 100 meg to 400 meg. We got the latest hardware, a 2 piece system from them. Maybe call and ask for a equipment upgrade. If...
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    Win 10 installation time

    You have to upgrade 8.1 to 10 before you can clean install on new HDD.
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    Win 10 installation time

    Are you updating 8.1 to 10 via the upgrade path or tying to clean install.?
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    Will XP run on a SSD?

    Are you sure? I've never known an OS to bee HDD matter the age of the OS. Do you have any factual evidence on this?
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    Can I shut the computer down via the power button?

    May I interject here: The very first sentence of the OP thread states that OP is using Linux and posted in the linux forum. The subsequent replies are all for windows. That said, is there a difference in the shut down procedure for Linux vs Windows. I"m not a Linux user so I don't know. I'm...
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    Windows updates and fixes for other Microsoft products

    Looks like MS changed that. There used to be 4 options where it says/shows "About Word". This was under 1909. What version are you running.....1909 or 2004?
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    What is the best Windows version that faster than Windows 10?

    With each new Windows's faster and better than the previous version. I have no clue what that means or what you're trying to say. Could you please elaborate. There are plenty of 3rd party software out to customize your windows to your liking. Stardock is one of the most notable...
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    I've tried to set my computer to login without a password, need help?

    Yep....I with you on that there. Power on and no input what so ever...just like in the old days of windows 7. I hate this log in crap. It's my computer, no one else uses it. So why do I need to login.....just baffles me! I just found the pin to be easier and less painful....LOL!
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    I've tried to set my computer to login without a password, need help?

    I've never heard a chime in all my time at the login screen. I boot, login screen (no chime), use pin hit enter and I'm in to a complete functional OS in 20 seconds. This is from pressing the power button on case to functional OS. I have no complaints at all. You still on a mechanical drive...
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    I've tried to set my computer to login without a password, need help?

    Since MS introduced the pin system.....I've been using it and really like it. I'm not normal (LOL) so I use a 20 character pin.