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    xp machine not visible from W7 machine

    Hello, I regularly encounter the same problem that i can not access or see a XP machine from my W7 machine I could see before in my network. The strange thing is that remote desktop still works. The other way around stll works: I can see the W7 macine on my xp machine. The only solution I...
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    W7 won't start-up without install-dvd

    nobody who can help me?
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    W7 won't start-up without install-dvd

    Hi, I have a problem starting up W7 in dual boot. I did a clean install of the W7 RTM on the second partition of my (sata) HDD. After installation I didn't get a dual boot menu to choose my OS (Vista or W7) I forced a dualboot menu with Vistabootpro, but when I choose the W7 option, I get...
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    Can't access my D drive Partition

    I had something similar. One of my drives didn't turn up after restart. In discmanagement I noticed this drive didn't have a character (e.g. D or E or F) assigned to it. After I assigned a character to it, it showed up in my computer.
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    He Chris, I have exactly this problem. Did you solve it yet?