Real Name
Operating System
Windows 8.1 Pro 64 bit
Computer Type
Home built
DirectX Version
CPU Type and Speed
AMD FX6300 3.5/4.1 ghz
CPU Cooling
Rocketfish low profile
CPU Idle Temp
23 C
CPU Load Temp
52 C
Motherboard Chipset
System Memory Type
System Memory Speed
1600 mhz
Video Card Type and Speed
Sapphire AMD HD7950 3 gb
Video Card Temperature
67 C at load
Power Supply Unit (PSU)
Corsair GS600 600 w
Computer Monitor
HP 2311x
Sound Card
Realtek HD
Turtle Beach PX3
Hard Drive
Seagate 1tb
Optical Drives
Lite On DVD RW
Anti-virus Software
Productivity Suite
Office 2007 Professional
Computer Skill Level
Self-Taught Expert
Favorite Game
Battlefield 3/4
Favorite Application


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