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    my machine

    Shouldn't be an issue. I run it on less. AMD 64 3400+ 2.2ghz 2gb ram hd4670 1gb (but have run it on integrated nvidia 6150) Like whs said, post your resource monitor/memory
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    10+ mistakes Linux newbies make

    Well, unless you're using wine ;)
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    It still works.
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    To fix the boot loader after deleting a partition... Boot to Windows disk Select Repair Select Windows 7 Click next Select Command Prompt Type bootrec /fixmbr Enter Restart I've had to do this many times.
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    He said the he clicked the option to sign up for a new account, and the option was there. I didn't try it though, as I already logged in with my microsoft account.
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    Windows 8 OEM on Samsung

    I've never had an issue with installing from a windows disk using the oem key. I've never tried it with windows 8 though. Samsung itself may block this, as they want you to use their version (probably along with a bunch of bloatware). If Samsung can't help you, then that's probably why.
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    Eventually it will be a forced upgrade. Like Josephur said, there is a way around using a microsoft account. I had a few minor issues (my desktop background was gone, a couple icons pinned to the taskbar didn't work, including IE). It was an easy fix. I haven't tried any apps yet. BTW, Classic...
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    install freezing

    Sounds like a hardware issue. Maybe a hardware failure. I would start with testing the RAM (memtest86). The 2nd suspect would be the motherboard (not so easy to test). Kind of got to eliminate everything else first.
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    And that's why I will not upgrade to it until I know for sure. I'm not overly impressed with the 8.1 preview.
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    Extremely negative review of 8.1... fair?

    Not saying that it's bad, but it's nothing more than a service pack. As far as features, it has few.
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    Trying to reinstall Windows 8

    I'd start by burning memtest86 to a cd and run it at boot. That'll rule out ram as an issue. It's almost definitely hardware. Lie said above it could be hard drive. Both of those are easy fixes if you can confirm either as the issue.
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    Help me build a Haswell system

    You'd have to replace the gtx660. I mean if you're going with an i7, why skimp on an entry level gaming card. Also, the i7 is unnecessary for gaming. If you have the extra cash fine, but you will get the same frame rates with a 4670k, for over $100 less.
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    Unable to convert unallocated space to a New Disk

    Never mind. I re read your post. Did you try extending C, then trying to create a smaller partition?
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    upgrading to Windows 8.1

    Don't feel bad. I went to reinstall Windows 8 on my tablet from a flash drive and it was corrupt. I bought the tablet used, and at least he gave me the the backup of Windows 7 that originally came on it, and I could upgrade to 8 from microsoft's website, since he gave my a valid 8 key...
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    upgrading to Windows 8.1

    I did an upgrade on my tablet (knowing I was going to reinstall Windows 8 from scratch anyways). The upgrade went well. I did create a recovery disk in case it went bad, but as Microsoft said, you'd still have to reinstall all your apps when the RTM came out. I have to say, not overly impressed...