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    8 secrets about Disneyland

    Another secret. Bring the entire family, including your Southern Grandma, to "red shirt day" and wear a red t-shirt and Disney will give you free admission. Post videos of what happens on YouTube.
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    Movie/TV/Actor Association

    Les Grossman
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    Windows 7 gadget help please

    Go to your start orb on bottom right; in the field with the magnifying glass at the bottom of the list, enter "regedit" without the quotation marks. At the top of the search list, click on the "regedit.exe" entry and this will open Registry Editor, which will walk you through the backup process...
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    Windows search and special characters like "µ"

    I have Google Desktop installed. Using Character Map, I can select the special character and search from the orb - Windows Search reports EVERYTHING, but clicking "Search Everywhere" brings up Google Desktop search, which does actually find only the special character. Not much help if you don't...
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    Windows Explorer Size Column in details displaying size in kb. Always.

    I did some searching as well, and it appears that it's not possible to switch from kb. Your only option is to use an alternative, third party file manager. Not ideal. This will become troublesome when we start measuring more and more files in gigabytes. After a while, the numbers become so...
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    Solution for Windows 7 intermittent sound & audio buzzing, CPU spikes

    I am starting a new thread here to post my solution, since so many other threads were opened on this topic. I am cross posting on a number of sites, too, since so many people are having a similar problem. Apologies for that, but I am trying to spread this solution. Took me about six months to...