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    Google's Chrome Browser Finally shows up

    It is superb but it doesn't have any plugins :rolleyes:
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    helpless Deliver

    I agree with this recommendation 100%. If your information is critical you should use a 3rd party backup resource just in case.
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    Do you use IE8 beta?

    Thanks again for the useful info, kemical. :)
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    Much thanks for the great new look

    Glad everyone likes the new design. We are stil working out some kinks.
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    New Features and Changes

    Re: Update to Where are you getting this?
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    New Features and Changes

    Re: Update to We are in the final stages now. Our web developer will be on the site this week. :)
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    Windows 7 as early as next year??

    Eric Traut talks (and demos) Windows 7 and MinWin - istartedsomething
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    user account control problems

    Hi dynoman... Try to disable from the command line? Enable or Disable UAC From the Windows Vista Command Line :: the How-To Geek
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    Please Help me

    Your user account is not set to have write permissions on the entire drive for security reasons. This is different than the setting in Windows XP. When you save things, you should try to save them in your User Folder. This also allows you to move your profile to different computers using the...
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    Backup and Restore Center is blank

    Sounds like your system has been compromised by faulty software or a virus. Try doing this: Link Removed due to 404 Error -- If this doesn't work, try System Restore: Go back to a restore point from before the problem started.
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    Vista- Clear as mud -Dell

    I personally think this is a silly lawsuit. Just because the computer can not run transparency on the desktop does not mean it can not run Windows Vista. The Vista Home Basic product does not have the Aero theme because it is designed for low-end computers and people or businesses on a tight...
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    To use SLI or not use SLI?

    It will not hurt to do SLI, but it will not be worth it unless you're going to use all of that power. By this I do not mean running Aero, you will have to be using heavy multimedia on this PC. Games, video editing, something :D I hope your CPU is quad core and you don't sacrifice it for GPU...
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    Questioning the reason for UAC

    UAC is designed to protect your computer from security threats, which is what Windows XP was criticized for before Service Pack 2. It is an additional layer of security to protect you. Just pressing OK after you run a program is a lot better than having a malicious program destroy the entire OS...
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    Adobe Acrobat Issue - Vista Ultimate

    Right click the setup file and choose 'Run as Administrator'
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    Vista not running right after Skype Install

    When you say browser are you talking about IE? This sounds like you have spyware or adware on your system, not from Skype.