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    Netflix in Windows 7 Media Center

    That was a long time ago when I posted that info regarding the Netflix hack. Like you found, Netflix is now available via Microsoft. I didn't have to do anything as it came with one of the system updates. :)
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    Windows 7 Whats your opinion of windows 7 chess?

    IMO, it's one of the best 3D chess games available. I'm a very novice chess player, so being able to "beat" the computer at this game is a very rewarding accomplishment for me as I've had my ass handed to me too many times by chess computers over the years where I've been totally turned off by...
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    Windows 7 multitasking super slow...64 bit

    The only processor intensive task that I do occassionally would be converting an .avi file from whatever it's current format to an HD (720p or 1080p) format. When converting to 1080p, not only does my processor temp jump up to about 100 degrees celcius but the CPU usage is at 100%, too...
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    Upgrade Coupon
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    Can "Windows 7 XP Mode" recognize my Visioneer 9120 scanner?

    I read that article yesteday when I searched Google. It doesn't say for sure that it will ship in October, but that they plan on having it ready by the time W7 ships in October and then goes on to say: That doesn't sound very definitive that the final will come out in October, but that they...
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    upgrading from rc

    OK, if you want to find out what you're running, download: SIW | System Information for Windows by Gabriel Topala And after it's installed, launch the app and select Operating System on the left and find 1/2 way down the page:
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    upgrading from rc

    I'm a technet subscriber, too. Actually, that is a good point you made, as I have always been calling it RTM as that is the latest version released on Technet in August. Where does it actually state RTM, I'm not sure now, but I thought it was under system properties. I'll have to check when I...
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    How do I share videos from my Windows 7 x64 machine to my PS3 and 360?

    If I remember correctly, all I did was have my HTPC turned on and I opened up Windows Media Center. Because both the HTPC and the Xbox 360 is connected on the same router, once I turned on the 360, WMC automatically recognized the 360 as an extender device and from the 360 I was able to view...
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    upgrading from rc

    Look at your system properties. Right click on My Computer (or Computer from the start orb) and then click on Properties. RTM is version 7600. I'm at work right now (using XP) so I don't have the exact info for you, but it should be the same for any of the Windows OS - click on property...
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    Windows 7 is Faster than XP or slower than XP ?

    From cold start to Windows login, I would say that W7 is a little slower on my new HTPC system when compared to my old Dell workstation running XP. However, the old XP box has a bunch of programs that load in the system tray whereas actual time "boot time" would be longer on the XP. IMO, W7...
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    upgrading from rc

    I'm not sure if you've done it, but I had installed a fresh copy of Windows XP and then put in the Windows x86 RC disc (from XP) and was notified on screen that it would not be possible to upgrade that OS to RC. So, I then rebooted my computer - booting from the DVD drive to install Windows 7...
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    upgrading from rc

    You "could" upgrade the RC to the final only after you take the final release disc and copy it's content to a folder on your current RC system, then locate the cversion.ini file inside this folder. Edit the cversion.ini and change the MinClient value to 7000 and then run the setup to install...
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    Can "Windows 7 XP Mode" recognize my Visioneer 9120 scanner?

    Where did you read or hear that XP Mode (final) will be released in October? I've searched Google and the only thing releasing in October is Windows 7. I'm using XP Mode RC and it's almost as good as having another older XP SP3 system. I was able to install my old HP printer and drivers...
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    Clock won't keep time

    Only way to prove that it's not the current battery on the motherboard is to replace it with a fresh battery from the store, set the time in bios if it's not already set, and then go into Windows and do your normal routines in which you were testing the time settings in Windows. Sure, you would...
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    Which version did you install? 32 or 64

    I've found little difference in between x64 and x86. The only major problem I have is that I can't install Cisco VPN on x64 (it installed just fine and worked great with x86). For example, I have an old HP 1415 printer. The drivers from HP aren't supported under W7, however, that was my...