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    Upgrade to different language?

    hi there, I wanted to know if there is a way to upgrade windows 7 build7000 (german) to build 7068 (english). Installer tells me it cannot be done but maybe there is a workaround. I don't care if my windows is german or english afterwards. any way to do this?
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    Problem with windows explorer

    uh ... either a virus or just corruption. if you burned windows7 to disc boot from disc and use the repair options the disc gives you and see if that helps.
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    upgrade to build 7022???

    so with upgrade you mean you used the upgrade button? so all the settings are still alive and stuff?
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    how to boot into safe mode?

    so because you felt the need to make deep changes to the OS by changing the loading screen microsoft made a horrible OS? that's really interesting ... anyways, you probably killed your OS. put in the windows 7 disc and reinstall.
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    Windows 7 Anyone played Dawn of War II Beta on 7?

    just wanted to say that I saw that the beta was available for free on steam. so I just downloaded it and it runs amazingly smooth - really well programmed it seems. I hope it still runs that smooth when the final graphics and dx10 are coming (=release), but it's really great.
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    the operating system is not presently configured to run this application

    yep. you definetly did something very wrong here. I upgraded as well and all it should do is replace your WINDOWS folder - no more no less. your applications should remain where they are and run straight out of the box (office 2007 did work perfectly for me!)
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    Can't delete folders-- need permission

    what's inside those folders? can you access them?
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    browser issue for win 7

    this has nothing to do with IE but rather with how the new taskbar works. to open another browser windows right-click the icon then select "internet explorer".
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    Drivers in general

    Well, it's progress. I don't know the technical background, but I guess if windows XP drivers were sufficient they would have been used. in the end, this always happens when something like an OS is majorly changed or a new standard evolves - old stuff gets old :D Of course it's not that nice...
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    No audio with m2ts files in WMP

    but like I said, mts is only a VIDEO type, it is completly unrelated to the audio.
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    kernel memory seems to be fine. please provide us more information, for example when it occurs and how often. also the BSOD should give you a .sys-file related to it
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    Unauthorized programs

    really I don't know what you're talking about, this seems to be a problem with your computer not with windows 7. you seem to have caught spyware/adware/viruses that do this. windows does not come with any "weather program" nor does it install programs in the background nor is it possible to...
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    updates and no support

    looool omg I laughed so hard when I read the first post of this thread. are you serious? omfg. here's the deal: 1) windows 7 is BETA. it's not even supposed to work perfectly 2) you will not get any updates because that was never the plan o.O don't install something without any knowledge...
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    Torrent & winrar frozen

    I guess ironically by downloading the new built from torrent sites :p I read that it's available through torrent. It is said to be more stable than 7000, but as long as 7000 works fine for me I won't upgrade, especially because I don't know if it's legal. oh and btw, there is already a newer...
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    Windows 7 Anyone played Dawn of War II Beta on 7?

    hi, I preordered "Dawn Of War 2" yesterday and was wondering if anyone played the beta on 7? I'm really excited about the game but a little worried it will not run and I bought it for nothing. any experiences?