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    Windows not receiving audio input from mic

    Any reaction from support team of Steelseries or are they unreachable?
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    1920by1080 was working

    Samsung tv's have a lot of screen settings, 16:6, zoom, fill….. They really are there. I would try resetting your Samsung..
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    Security Awareness Training

    Yes, thank you!
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    Security Awareness Training

    Can't reach this awareness training video. Has it been outdated by now and removed? If so, is a new one available? Or is it my location that prevents my from accessing this site?
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    Windows 10 windows clock error

    Go, during startup to BIOS, and change the system time there also
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    WIN 10 usb proplems

    One of the thing you see if the CPU in your computer is getting too hot is a suddenly and complete freeze. Check also the temperature of the CPU and clean all fans from dust.
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    Is this possible than turning on oven make a 1 second power outage in home? ( playing diablo 1 )

    This looks to me like a network hick up, your laptop missed an answer from the server for 30000 milliseconds / 30 seconds / .5 minute. And yes it could be caused by noise from a starting oven, every device being switched on or off causes noise, specially motors, but you never are sure.
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    Windows 10 Win Hello has no enter button

    Have you tried the ctrl-, alt- and del-key together?
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    Windows 7 not filling screen

    That is little to start with... A good reason may be that your displaydriver need to be updated. Go to the support site of Acer and check it.
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    Windows slow and memory stuck

    The risks are very high, you easily ends with an unusable Windows, the gain is low, I would certainly NOT advice this!
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    Windows slow and memory stuck

    Apart from the test with Safe Mode, it would be helpful if you tell us which and why you installed the connectivity application.
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    Pls help with the flickering on my laptop

    The screenshot it self does not show any glitch, so it is most likely the screen of your laptop itself that has a hardware problem. To be absolutely sure you may want to connect a 2nd screen to your laptop. If the picture on the 2nd screen is ok then your laptop screen that is defect, if it has...
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    Strange lines on some videos

    If it occurs on these parts of your video with a lot of motion then you may have selected a wrong deinterlasing parameter or it may has been disabled. In the VLC mediaplayer you wil find it under the tab Video, try setting it to ON or Auto, and try some Deinterlace Modes I doubt whether it has a...
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    Graphics Card Not Being Detected on Windows 10

    Just some extra information, hope it helps You may want to keep both enabled, the internal graphical processor in your processor and the external processor on your new card, because some applications benefit by using both, like NLE's and games, one for the picture on your screen and one for...
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    No storage space left even after uninstalling apps?

    Try 'All settinge' from the bottom right corner of your screen, than 'System' followed by 'Storage' there you will find an option to free storage. Does if free more? Using 400 GB is not that excessieve, I think, we will see Welcome on this forum!