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    AMD release Ryzen motherboard driver update

    I installed the AMD Graphics+Chipset Drivers, with no problems.:worship:
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    AMD release Ryzen motherboard driver update

    Hi @ussnorway, should I use the Auto Detect Tool on AMD Website, just to be on the safe side? Please Help:hide:
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    Windows 10 Securing Home Wifi and LAN Without Affecting Speed

    I have a 300/50MBPS connection through Danish ISP STOFA, it costs about 180 USD every 3 months, my WI-FI got really bad & I asked STOFA for help, they sent me 2 Nokia Boosters for free & now, believe it or not, when I measure my Wi-Fi it is exactly as I pay for 300/50MBPS. I am on VPN most of...
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    Amazon Is Adding MGM To Its Libary Soon.
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    AMD release Ryzen motherboard driver update

    Hi, I have an HP Laptop with Ryzen 4000 Series Processor, could I benefit from installing these Drivers? My PC is 1.5 years old, and I keep all my other Drivers up to date.:oops:
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    What System Security Do You Use On Your Windows/Mac/Linux?

    Bitdefender Total Security, Voodooshield Free & Adguard Desktop. Second Opinion Scanners: Sophos Virus Removal Tool, HitmanPro, Norton Power Eraser & Emsisoft Emergency Kit.:rolleyes:
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    malwarebytes imitation …

    A thousand thank you, I will be a bit more cautious in the future.:up:
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    Windows 10 RogueKiller.

    I have just purchased a lifetime license of Roguekiller, I think it is a very nice piece of software, any other experiences?:)
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    Windows 10 What Media/Audio/Streaming Software Do You Use?

    I have the most of my music on 1tb+4tb+500gb External drives(seagate) & 99% of my files is in FLAC or ALAC, the rest in MP3 320kbps. So I mostly listening to that(over 250.000 Files). But I have a few Streaming Services also: Spotify Premium+Apple Music(Itunes & on Android)+Deezer Hi-Fi+Tidal...
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    I have Ekspressvpn and Vyprvpn so i am just fishing
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    No thanks i have EkspressVPN and VyprVPN installed so i am good,just cheking something;) Thanks for the answer:)
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    Hello everyone have any of you heard of this vpn,is it good or what? every response will do.
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    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    Hello And defragler from piriform
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    Is there a good windows cleaning utility?

    I have System Mechanic from Iolo,or have had,since my factory reset i use Ccleaner and Defragler,witch is the only two programs i would recommend,cleaning utillities is dangerous,and what ever you do do not clean your registry.