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    Linux Installation of Ubuntu 17.04 on MSi Laptops

    Hello, I have been running Ubuntu 18.04 also. It really works well. I installed a lot of security programs linux as well to protect myself: UFW firewall, Snort, portsentry,etc. Running FL studio 20 perfectly with Playwithlinux, Wine frontend. Linux boots very fast on SSD: about 20 seconds. XFCE...
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    Alternative to filmora9?

    Many thanks Mike.
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    Alternative to filmora9?

    Question to the filmproducers / editors: Looking for a program on windows that do the following: - Add a title screen in front of a video - Watermark ability for each frame. - extra : add credit screens to video Does anyone know a alternative to Filora? Filmora9 is good , but asks quiet a high...
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    NSA is one of the security problems

    (seems I made 2 bad) If NSA can find security holes, how fast can criminals find the same holes? Just as fast I think. So my opinion is that NSA is not really helping but just abusing security holes for their own agenda. Which I understand, but they way they work is just very...
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Been using Android for some time now. Never going to use Iphone or windows mobile OS as far as I can think.
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    Introduce Yourself.

    Hello, I am Chihwah. used to be junior system admin. Nowadays I work at multiple areas non IT. I am interested in finding solutions to windows OS and keep myself updated about technical advances in computer and mobile.
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    Shortcut as icon on windows 7 taskbar?

    Hello all, I was wondering if it is possible to map CTRL Z to an icon and place it onto the windows 7 taskbar. The reason I want this is as follows: Lenovo X230T tablet. If I turn the screen flat onto the keyboard. I cannot access CTRL Z. but If I have an icon on the taskbar that functions as...