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    copying shortcuts is extremely slow

    like with vista I now have discovered an issue with windows 7 when copying files with files I mean *.lnk files that point to programs or documents or places or the favorites folder from IE unlike as with vista I haven't experienced this with any other files though
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    Windows 7 multiboot issue

    windows 7 keeps restarting when there is a hidden primary NTFS formatted partition I assume it tries to install it's bootmanager there but is then unable to finish the installation why is it that windows 7 can detect a hidden partition during installation and then decides to use it anyway even...
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    windows media player mini view

    I like the start menu toolbar to be on top of the screen so far so good but... whenever I double click any media file the WMP mini viewer opens up to play the file the mini viewer's title bar is always underneat the start menu toolbar this happens every time when you resize the window with the...
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    taskmanager parameter incorrect

    I cannot start taskmanager by right clicking on the toolbar and selecting task manager then I got an error saying the parameter is incorrect neither does ctrl+shift+esc bring up the taskmanager and even ctrl+alt+del and choosing taskmanager does nothing at all I am doing this as a standard...
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    mini media player window covered by toolbar

    I moved the start menu toolbar to the top of my screen as I like it that way, but... when starting a video by double clicking on a video file the mini media player window's title bar appears underneath the start menu toolbar were you cannot get to it if you then try to resize the window by...
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    ASUS P5B motherboard shutdown issue - please report your findings

    I have that particular mobo revision 1 with bios 1803 which I believe is the latest official from the manufacterer there are no issues with this mobo for me all mobo chipsets were recognized upon installation so no extra drivers were necessary Windows 7 Ultimate (x64) build 7100
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