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    How remove write protection from usb drive

    When using the registry hack, you need to make sure you change the value on all "ControlSet" values, so if there is a ControlSet01, 02, etc, you need to change it on those as well and then reboot.
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    I need to format? Again?

    Does the drive have an external power source or is it powered via USB? One thing you could try is format the drive and try a new, not used or extra USB cable, and see if it happens again. If your USB cable, or the seating in the HDD, is crapping out, it can cause read errors when the drive spins...
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    What OS has this computer had on it?

    If you bought it new in 2007, more than likely it came with some version of Vista. If you bought it used, still more than likely Vista but better chances it would be some flavor of XP as a lot of people despised Vista when it came out.
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    Someone Please help me determine what is causing my comp to crash

    Did you upgrade/install Win 7 Ultimate with SP1, update to SP1 via windows update or download SP1 and install separately? Also are you using Kaspersky antivirus by chance?
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    How monitor and document data traffic?

    sorry about not including the link, I was doing about 5 things at one time while reading the post, thanks for the link bassfisher6522 and hopefully this will work its magic for you Commander_Cool :)
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    How monitor and document data traffic?

    There is a program called Bitmeter OS that will track your upload/download data useage and you can check it via local host webpage
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    Windows XP to Windows 7 Migration

    A little cheaper way to upgrade is to purchase the Windows 7 Upgrade vs. the Full installation DVD. Because you can't upgrade from XP to Windows 7, it will install the full version, but you did it at the upgrade price. Make sure to migrate your files and what not as stated in the above video...
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    I am trying to install windows 8 in VMware

    I had issues when trying to install windows 8 with VMware so make sure you have the latest version. Also Oracle VM Virtual Box works pretty well and its free.
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    Trying to reinstall Windows 8

    What kind of "crashing" was it doing and was it just Win8 or other flavors of windows as well? I was having issues where my week old laptop would freeze up and the only way out of it was to power cycle only to have it happen again at random times, turned out the motherboard was the issue.
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    Replace OEM Windows 8 with Windows 8 PRO

    I did this with a Toshiba Laptop that came with OEM Win8. I got Win 8 PRO and did a fresh installation without having to enter any serial number, the key is to make sure your OEM version is PRO as well, if not, you need to purchase the same version that came with your laptop. As patcooke said...
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    Office 2007 does not Install

    I have a legit copy of Office 2007 Enterprise and it installed correctly, complete, not upgrade. I did a custom install and selected everything to "Run from my computer" and it installed faster than ever with no problems. I installed SP1 and did the Microsoft Update and if d/l the office...
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    Install W7 from external DVD drive

    If you have the image on an external and want to use that instead of a DVD, you should be able to start the install within windows, and just select clean install (advanced). NOTE: you will have to extract all the files from the image and run setup.exe If you do it this way, you won't be able...
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    Windows Update Doesn't Work!

    if you have actived your version of windows, go to and install the Microsoft Update to replace the windows update,hopefully that will fix your issues. They need to make Microsoft Update standard and toss Windows Update out the window ..... pun intended
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    Tri booting problems with xp

    Try using the repair windows option after inserting the WinXP disk and see if that helps.
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    dual boot please help

    Did you encounter any problems when installing Win7? Is it safe to assume you already had XP installed before installing Win7?