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    Desktop No Longer Shuts Down.

    I think there is registry problem try to repair your registry or try to shut down your computer from the taskmanager or creat a short on the desktop or try to shut down it from cmd.Try this all methods.
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    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Download Available

    I like wondows 7 service pack 1 and like the visual style of seven(1)
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    Do you use your laptop as a desktop?

    I also use my laptop as a desktop because i think it feel good to watch a movie or somethintg else in a big screen. I use it as a desktop at home but not outside.
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    Removing bar from explorer

    I think you have use a third party tool to remove it because in windows there is no default feature to remove it so try any third party tool.
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    Remote Desktop Protocol Error

    Every desktop with 7 have this problem, so nothing to do with it just download team viewer and i think it habe more features than the default 7 remote desktop.
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    Win7 doesn't recognise my monitor

    I think you got the driver problem.You should also try to reinstall the os.
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    Graphics card and hardware acceleration

    Update your bios or reinstall your all hardware parts or reinstall your os.
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    Monitors turn off 60 seconds

    I think you made some mistake in screen saver setting ,change it with a beautiful one and see the difference.
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    nvidia drivers dont work with windows 7

    You just check the latest update for your nvidia and then install it.
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    Can't adjust display brightness

    I think you should see the intel support site for information regarding to display problem, they have the solution for it.
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