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    Follow directions...

    unetbootin is a great application for installing or running assorted Linux distros from a flash drive. Give it a shot next time your messing around.
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    Catalyst 3.00.0704 drivers keep freezing during install - Screen shot inside

    Always at this same point during "Analyzing Configuration". Anyone else experience this? Im using a Rampage II Extreme, and a pair of 4870X2's. I tried installing with only one card and I still got the same issue.
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    Over/underclocking causes freeze

    I overclocked my 965 from inside the OS and from the BIOS with no problems.
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    What is your Windows 7 performance index score?

    Havent been able to install graphics drivers yet so no SLI/CF to get that gaming graphics score a little higher. Core i7 965 @ stock clock in this pic. I maxed out 7.9 @ 4.2Ghz. Maxed memory 7.9 @ 1750mhz too. 6.8 on HDD is two cheap 32GB SSD's in RAID0 u can see in the HDTune's that the 3x...
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    Follow directions...

    Actually that's not true. You can setup.exe and upgrade your current OS from inside the OS. I did it.
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    Post your rig's specs

    Got a few running Windows 7 Netbook - Asus N10J (Upgraded) Atom 1.6Ghz CPU 2GB DDR2 800Mhz (Upgraded from 667Mhz DDR2) 64GB Intel X25E SSD (Upgraded from 320GB WD HDD) Nvidia 9300GS 256MG DDR3 Desktop Intel Core i7 965 @ 4.2Ghz HT off or 4.0 GT on 6GB Corsair 1600Mhz Triple...
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    How Many Cores\Threads Does Your CPU Have?

    Core i7 965 - 4 Cores, 8 Threads...
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    Low Hard Drive Experience Score

    Here is my Windows 7 Experience score for 2 x Patriot SSD WARP SSDs in RAID0. As you can see by the HDTune scores below. They simply can't hang with 3 x Velociraptors in RAID0, but they're Response Time, Windows 7 Score, and 150MBs average Read/Write is very nice, especially for their more...
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    Windows 7 Fails to install, "Windows cannot install required files"

    I used Image Burn and still had some problems. After slowing my burn speed to 1x and trying 3 different media's I finally got it work. It does not like TDK but it loved Phillips DVD+Rs.
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    Windows 7 Screenshots Thread

    Windows 7 + Core i7 + SSDs + 4870X2's = 6.0 Score... So here is my Windows 7 Screen shot. The modified graphics drivers offered on the sticky in the help forum, contained a dead link, so no graphics drivers where available. Cant run any games and it seems like a low Windows score for...
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    Cant get video drivers!!!

    Seems like the link to modified ATI drivers at the top of this site is broken. It asks me to make an exception for the lack of security certificate, and then when I make the exception it says that you do not have permission. Anyone else have ATI 4800 series drivers for W764? Or a workaround...