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    Problem installing Netgear WPN111 USB wireless adapter

    Did you use the 2.1 Vista driver found here? WPN111 Driver Version 2.1 You can't just run a driver in compatibility mode It doesn't work like that you have to use the driver that supports that specific OS. If the above driver doesn't work Your probably out of luck. :(
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    Software working in Windows 7

    AVG 8.0 Photoshop cs3 Expresion web 2 Malwarebyte's Just a few that work and haven't been listed :cool:
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    Windows 7 aero

    Yea totally forgot about the gadgets, just trying to show the task bar and start menu. I like the window 7 look and I think the new task bar is very useful.
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    Non-Working Programs

    AOE III You would think at least Microsoft own games would run on it, but nope! Oh and as far as the magic disk bricking windows 7 installs All I had to do is uninstall it using the uninstaller in the start menu. I kept freezing up windows and wouldn't uninstall through the control panel. Just a...
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    Deleting Build-Info

    Here a script that automatically gets rid of it just run it and reboot! :cool: Deposit Files
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    hmm, what is causing this?

    Hmm......Mine does that sometimes also and i too have Winrar installed. :confused:
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    Windows 7 aero

    This is about as good as it gets as for going back to classic, unfortunately. :(
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    Download will not start

    My bad didn't see that part. :redface: Firefox won't let you click on the download link once you get to the screen where it gives you a key, at least from my experience, just wondering if that's what was happening. :)
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    Panda Internet Secuirty 2009

    ^ I second the AVG, best free antivirus there is and better than some non-free ones. :D
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    Download will not start

    Did you get it to work? And by any chance are you using firefox?
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    curser jumps to mouse location

    I'm not a 100% sure what you mean, but is it by any chance this option:
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    Doesn't shutdown or restart

    Doesn't really sound like a driver issues i'm not even sure a driver is used in that process I think Its just a command that windows sends to the bios, could be wrong. :confused: Does It even act like it's trying to shut down? Give you and Error Message? Freeze up? can you here any hard drive...
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    What is your Windows 7 performance index score?

    Just curious to what everyone's "Windows experience index base score"s are and what kind of hardware scores what. Post your hardware details along with your scores. Mine scores a 5.0 AMD Athlon X2 4400 2.3 - 5.0 5 gigs (2x2GB + 2x512GB) of Generic DDR2 800 - 6.1 ASUS GeForce 8600GT 512mb - 6.7...
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    Hard Drive Performance

    I have a Hitachi 3.0GB/s 1TB hd and it rates 5.9. It says by the rating it only measures "Disk data transfer rate". I wonder what kind of hardware you would have to have to get a 7.9! :eek:
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    Upgrading Windows 7 build 6801 to 7000

    I attempted the upgrade and kept getting stuck at 1% ,and there is no option for a repair install. I may re burn the DVD at a slower speed and see if that fixes it. :confused: If not the I may try and install it over top without formatting there for leaving my file system in tacked. May end up...