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    Nvidia drivers!

    Go here: EVGA | Support | 9 Series Driver Download download the driver for the Vista 32 or 64 whichever applies to your Windows 7 OS. Uninstall whatever video driver you have now. Re-Boot. right click the new driver installer and run it in vista compatibility mode. Windows update is...
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    Windows 7 and intel Q6600

    What kind of BIOS do you have? When the computer first boots, it will show you either Phoenix or Award most likely. What kind of computer do you have? That will lets us know what to tell you. It's real easy to check this and make a change if it's needed.
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    Windows 7 and intel Q6600

    check you bios and see if all 4 cores are enabled.
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    Missing Cores

    Have you checked in the BIOS to see if all of the Cores are enabled? Something might have disabled two of them.
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    DVD Problems

    Don't forget, it's only a Beta 1 release. Not all hardware is going to be handled in a Beta. The final release will have a lot more hardware support. Did you try the DVD manufacturer's site, or Guru3d? Also try a Vista Driver and use the Vista compatibility option for the driver setup.
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    DVD Problems

    Maybe you need a different driver for the DVD.
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    BSOD won't stop!

    I'd blow off that installation and do another clean install. Sounds like some major driver/dll problems.
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    Upgrading from XP to Windows 7

    You can't upgrade XP to Win 7. It has to be a clean install.
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    No Upgrade from XP to Windows 7

    Because true geeksters are true software magnets!:D And we understand that a beta should only be installed on a separate partition or drive.
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    No Upgrade from XP to Windows 7

    It's not the clean install that's bad, especially when it only takes 20 minutes. It's the two or three days to get all of the software re-installed and find the registrations keys from all of the pirated software. (Just kidding). :)
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    Please help me install video drivers

    Right click on the driver installation exe and choose the compatibility tab. Run the driver in Vista compatibility mode.
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    windows 7 not waking from sleep

    ACPI as defined at WIKI Advanced Configuration and Power Interface - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia :D
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    windows 7 not waking from sleep

    Isn't the whole idea of working with a beta to discover bugs and try different things to see if a solution can be found? Try lots of different things - power settings, bios settings etc. Don't just give up until you've exhausted all possible solutions.
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    windows 7 not waking from sleep

    Had a problem with sleep also. When pressing any key on the keyboard, it would come out of sleep, but then no mouse or keyboard response. I went into the bios (nVidia 780i board) and saw ACPI option had S1, S3 and S1 & S3 as an option. When I set it to S3 only( was on S1 & S3), the sleep...
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    Windows 7 Removal

    Remove the entry for Windows 7 in the boot.ini file.