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    Superbar Glitch

    Nope the glow stays
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    Superbar Glitch

    I really dont think this is an issue to do with the video card. I just updated the drivers a couple weeks ago, its been doing it for at least a month now. But im running a 9800gts. Its almost like the taskbar still thinks my mouse is over the icons.
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    Superbar Glitch

    Hey guys, I just started having this issue. When i mouse over any icon on the task bar the animation that happens, like the color on the icon lights up, or if its not open the bottom glow lights up stays when ever i move the mouse away. If its not an open application the little pop-up shows up...
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    Taskbar Thumbnails disappearing

    Hey guys, i just randomly started having this issue. When i mouse over the open window icons on the taskbar the live preview shows up then disappears almost right away, and when it does stay it doesnt stay up for long and when i try to click on something it disappears. This is really...
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    Videos Not Showing in media center.

    Delete please, Figured it out
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