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    New available American English pronunciation app for Win 8

    Hello, I would like to announce that there's a new application for Windows 8. This application is special because it is a first app for English pronunciation learning, and as a part of great Saundz teaching software it offers a lot of learning tools for English language (especially for ones...
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    Dual/Multi-Boot Menu

    That's great Don, thanks a lot..
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    Can´t open Excel 2003

    You just have to determine a program (in this case Excel) which is gonna be used to edit that type of file..
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    Windows 8 Can't sign in to Windows Games on Windows 8

    I think you must have xbox account to do play them, once you create account (other words pay for them), the massage "A connection to Xbox could not be established. Please check your Internet Connection and try again" will not cause a problem anymore...
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    Windows 8 What are you playing right now?

    Do anyone knows how to use game explorer on Win 7? I' m kind of old Win user, where when you install Win you usually gets some games to play, now explorer is confusing me..
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    Win8 internet speed

    I think it is up to your Internet provider.. Wins 7 or 8 constantly updates their drivers, and i think there will be no need for them to cause any problems about internet speed...
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    Microsoft accounts Two step verification

    I think security team always needs some additional information from user so they can protect him/her and also to protect them and their community... verification will not be always easy part of registration..
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    IF Only You

    thanks for info guys, i will definitively use this if i get myself in mentioned unpleasant situation..
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    Internet Explorer 10 is gone from program list

    I think there's always an possibility to download IE and install on your computer.. See on Microsoft download center..
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    Active tile problem on new image

    I think there's a problem with your server where images, i think it is not a Win 8 issue..
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    How do I create an empty folder on desktop?

    I think you can switch to a "normal" desktop in Win 8 - the desktop like it was in previous Windows - where you can create folders..