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    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Download Available

    All good here... Go to the link I put up , validate your system and you wont have these invalid errors you are seeing.
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    Windows 7 Service Pack 1 (SP1) Download Available

    You can get it here also via Validation. Download details: Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 Release Candidate (KB976932)
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    Catastrophic failure

    Im gonna say bad HD or PSU issues....... Im leaning more towards a croaking HD though to be honest,
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    Why is Media Center no longer an autoplay option?

    Just right click on it, send shortcut to desktop. Click on it when you need it... No reason to have it auto start as its not always needed. MS did a great job cutting back on some unnecessary resources running in the background.... So embrace that and open stuff up when you need it vs being...
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    Windows 7 and ASUS / SoundMax

    Guys go into windows sound (speaker icon in control panel), NOT sound max or any other one. Open up windows sound in control Panel, click on tab that says "communications" and select "do nothing" then apply .... This was a situation I discovered by accident when I was having the same issue back...
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    All Of A Sudden---No Sound

    Glad all works for ya.... I experienced the same issue a few weeks ago, drove me crazy. Played around some and found that setting. All was good after.... Peace..
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    All Of A Sudden---No Sound

    Go to your control panel, click on Sound... Then click on the communications tab, then click DO NOTHING and save. Hope this helps
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    Probably allready stated as a working game...... BUT I fired up left 4 dead for the first time across the 7 builds and my god the visual quality of it. Deeper colors, flashlight reflections, You name it... I was just floored at how it looked in comparison to Vista and that is nothing to shake...
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    Windows 7 Microsoft's Anti-Virus

    Kis user here..... It's been good to me over the years. Ive used ESET also. IMO these 2 are the best out there.
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    Windows 7, 64 Bit experiment....

    Lets just keep on track here and not blame MS (Vista-W7) for driver incompatibility issues. Marvel, creative...and all other driver companies need to get there act together for 64 bit.
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    In Defense of Vista!!

    And they didn't work after a year either.. who's fault is that...? by the way, i own a SoundBlaster X-Fi Titanium Fatal1ty and never had issues with it, even in Vista beta..... Im done with this issue, it could and would go on forever. Reasoning with people with the mentality like this is like...
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    In Defense of Vista!!

    To what end sir........ Are all new things made today and into the future supposed to support your old setup. is this how you feel in life too, that all new things are supposed to work with your older setups... That new fancy remote is supposed to work with your older tv.......... Please, give...
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    In Defense of Vista!!

    Would I turn my back.... ? im not sure if your asking me this or not, but if so the answer would be a resounding no. The biggest issue here is most people don't see what is truly going on. People will bitch about vista being so bad, cause there sound card dont work.... People will bitch that...
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    In Defense of Vista!!

    Ill apologize for the blah blah blah..But wont for the intended message behind it.. Vista sucks...Same old song and bitching dance we've all heard for so long now. Now we go a step further and compare it to drugs, come on dude, ill man up and say im sorry for the less than steller replies, but...
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    In Defense of Vista!!

    Blah..blah.. blah.. blah.. blah..........