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    Network Credentials oddity

    How do I establish or find these credentials?
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    Mapping Shared Folders

    I have a Lenovo 730S AIO computer and an Acer A515 laptop both running up to date versions of Windows 10. I have spent a l;ot of time trying to setup Windows Workgroup and file/folder settings on both computer so that they can share files/folders. I am now very confident that I can now have...
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    File Explorer file order has changed

    When I open a folder on drive D, called downloads, I find that the files are grouped into sections with names such as earlier this week, last week, last month. For some this may be ideal but for me it is only confusing. How do I change back to the classical style, all by name, date etc? For
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    Restoring C Drive from a clone

    I have a Lenovo AIO 730S-24IKB computer running Windows 10. The computer has 2TB on-board M.2 PCIe SSD storage (Drive C) and a 1TB SSD 2.5" drive (Drive D). The OS is on dive C I create weekly backups of both C and D using Ashampoo software onto an external usb 4TB HDD and I also regularly...
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    Problems with Home Networking, Windows 10

    Problems with Home Network. I have a home network comprising Virgin Media (Netgear) Super Hub 2 Router (2G and 5G wireless) A Lenovo AIO 730S Computer running Windows 10 Pro (5G wireless) An Acer 515 laptop running Windows 10 Home (5G wireless) A Cannon TS8150 printer (2G wireless) Several...
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    Can't find other devices on LAN

    I am reasonable acquainted with windows computers and Android phones; as much as a long retired engineer ( I worked with all kinds of computers) can be. To overcome some of the boredom, much to great annoyance of my wife (who strangely thinks I already spend too much time on computers!), I have...
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    Cancelling a file set to be printed

    Many thanks for your great reply
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    Cancelling a file set to be printed

    I have a Lenovo all-in-one 730S-24ikb running Windows 10 Pro (fully up to date) and I use eMClient for my emails. My printer is a Canon TS8150 connected wirelessly via a router. Just recently I have started having problems with printer; it can take as long as 10 minutes before the printer...
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    Unknown deice

    Thanks for the reply I tried that very early on but with no success. Thew computer tells me that the downloaded driver is not compatible with my machine even though I used the SANID to select the driver.
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    Unknown deice

    I have recently reset my wife's Acer E5-571 back to factory condition and it is now running Windows 10 Home 32 bit. During the setup I found that the touchpad was not working and I had to use a USB mouse. Browsing Control Panel/Device Manager I see that under Mouse and Other Pointers there...
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    Disable Microsoft Edge

    Can I disable cortana?
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    Disable Microsoft Edge

    I did not explains myself too well. The problem usually arises when I use the search box (on taskbar) to find information about the computer or Windows 10. The result is that all webpages, pdfs etc are opened in Edge even though Google is set as the default browser and Adobe Reader as the...
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    Disable Microsoft Edge

    I am really fed up with Microsoft Edge popping up all the time especially when I am trying to display pdfs. I have tried to disable it by changing the name of the Edge file in SystemApps but I always get the same error message - a file in the folder is open in another app. I loathe and detest...
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    Components seen on Network

    I have a Lenovo Ideacentre 730S-24IKB AIO computer running Windows 10 Pro and my wife has an Acer Aspire A515-15 laptop running Windows 10 Home. Both computers have the Windows 10 fully up to date. When my wfie clicks on Network she can can see everything on the Network, including my Lenovo...
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    Components seen on Network

    I have a lenovo AIO 730S-24IKB computer running Windows 10 Pro and my wife has an Acer Aspire A515-52 running Windows 10 Home. Both Windows OS are up to date. Control Panel/System shows that both computers are on the WorkGroup called Workgroup When I click on Network in my Lenovo computer I...