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    Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

    pb works just fine with the RTM version in cod w@w
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    Windows 7 Fix punkbuster kick?

    for cod 5 fix dl new 3.4 updater for pb and all issues go away, sweet
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    Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

    dont play cod 4 so no comment there, but as to cod 5, the newest pb updater, 3.4 version fixes whatever it was causing all the pb errors, all our clan members have had no more issues with pb after this release a couple of days ago
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    What do you game on?

    pc exclusively
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    Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

    PunkBuster Online Countermeasures
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    Windows 7 Punkbuster Thinks Win 7 a Hack!

    hey guys its been fixed, pb has version 3.4 out now, as smooth as butter again on W7
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    Punk Buster issues

    about a dozen of us in our clan have had to go back to vista, W7 and pb will not get along with each other, bottom line is if we cant use W7 for online with pb enabled gaming its pretty much useless to us
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    Windows 7 FEAR 2 Demo, Win7 x64

    worked fine for me
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    Windows 7 To Beat XP?

    just like there is no doubt in my mind vista is better than xp and W7 is already as good as vista as a beta
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    Windows 7 profile fix for cod5

    not sure what it is you are trying to do, i have no problem saving my profile in either vista or W7
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    Windows 7 Doubt about Call of Duty 5 & DirectX 9.0c

    if not playing online you may not need PB but you will need to load dx9, even if W7 does utilize dx11 there is nothing out there running it yet, dont worry about it
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    Windows 7 Fix punkbuster kick?

    hackers are an unfortunate part of online games, hardly essential, just ban them as you find them,lol
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    Kaspersky 8.0 for Windows 7

    running the Kas. 8 version no problems
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    Windows 7 Fix punkbuster kick?

    nope, just idiot hackers
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    Windows 7 Fix punkbuster kick?

    we have at least a half dozen guys in our clan running W7 64 bit, we play COD 5, which is a punkbuster game, and have not had issues, one guy did a pb update and thats about it, i have had no issues whatsoever with pb, video drivers another matter, currently using the 185.20, works best for me
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