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    VIDEO U.S. military CONFIRM multiple UFOs over Washington! | Top Secret UFO Projects Declassified

    Lots of ET's in DC. Just look at Nancy some time.
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    new windows 11 biased

    Taiwan good, CCP bad. Dell okay. My laptop is not my religion.
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    new windows 11 biased

    I had nothing to say when I bought it. From the ;list of processors it seems as though each Chinaman putting Dell pcs together selects their choice in chips. That's okay; I do not use it for porn, important stuff ya know. It cranks out 5th order orbital equations to my satisfaction anyway, so...
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    new windows 11 biased

    Actually my Dell laptop was delivered to me on 24 May 2018, 3 years ago. It has an Intel Celeron N3060 processor. Not sure why it is not worthy of Win 11; but, maybe my next laptop will be an Apple. Never liked Apple, but maybe it is time for a change.
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    new windows 11 biased

    It is what it says. A check says my CPU not up to snuff. Dell Inspiron 15 3000-3552. Typical incompetent software "engineering." Not interested in Win 11 anyway.
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    new windows 11 biased

    That’s nice; my Dell laptop is 2.4 years old and I learn it will not support Windows 11. Marketing strategy like that is in line with Communist China. Hum, is Windows 11 real?
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    VIDEO Can YOU Fix Climate Change?

    turn on TV
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    Browser is managed by your organization

    No, I fixed it. Malware blocked.
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    Browser is managed by your organization

    I run Norton's, Malwarebytes and SUPERAntiSpyware so nothing showed up. Norton's blocked a couple things, but that's all. It may have been the big hacker in the sky, Microsoft.
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    Browser is managed by your organization

    I suspect a failed attempt of malware. It did not work, but did manage to add that key.
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    Browser is managed by your organization

    For some reason without warning my Edge (latest version) picked up a menu label at the bottom on the “settings” panel; "Browser is managed by your organization" and the auto fill-in password scheme stopped. It took me awhile to look for the reason and to solve it, with a boat load of erroneous...
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    Compare COVID-19 Deaths per State using several sources:

    Heritage Foundation COVID-19 Death Rates by State Real Clear Politics Coronavirus Updates (COVID-19) Deaths & Cases per 1M Population | RealClearPolitics Johns Hopkins All State Comparison of Testing Efforts - Johns Hopkins Coronavirus Resource Center
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    VIDEO The Secret Landings on Mars

    was so secret even they didn't know about it. a hoax.
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    New Dell Laptops with no CD Drive

    I love my laptop; my cat does too since he naps in my lap between my belly and the PC. Yes, when both his paws rest on my keyboard some interesting screen frames pop up. His home is behind my desktop ...