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    Windows 7 A New UI in Windows 7??? It might be in the Offical RC!

    i hope any new user ui looks like the windows 3.1 interface. that interface was so sexy, it made my blood boil. Win 3.11 was the best version of windows ever, ever since then windows has gone down hill. i hope they actually go back to dos and windows with windows 8. no one ever hears of dos...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 is it really the 7th version?

    Is windows 7 really version 7.0? If one opens a command prompt window one sees that it says it is windows version 6.1. Last time i checked 6.1 is not version 7.... So it would seem that MS is only using the name "7" like how they used the name "XP" or "Vista". I think this is to decieve people...
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    Windows 7 windows 7 build 7057 now available

    i can wait for the new version of windows 3.12 that the EU will force MS to come out with since according the EU all versions after 3.1 have been illegal due to ie, wmp and other issues. 3.12 will pick up were 3.11 left off. finally back to fdisk, cmd, dir and other easy to remember commands.
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    Windows 7 MS confirms Windows 7 has the same amount of letters as Vista and it based on it to!

    The new version of Microsoft Windows, Windows 7, has escaped rather than waiting to be voluntarily released by the company. The new Windows, which has been devised solely to part frustrated Windows users from their money, is actually just Vista with a new name. Well even "I'm a Celebrity"...
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    Windows 7 At these prices for W7 I'm going back to XP.

    if thats true of the price, why not just use linux,its free, no cost. i say that or go to windows 95 or dos 7.0 and windows 3.11 or even os/2 warp
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    Windows 7 Lets rename windows 7 to what it really is Vista SE

    i am going grey and bald over the version number thing. I need some pepsi to take the edge off.... why cant ms just use real version numbers, how about we call it MS-Bob!
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    Windows 7 Lets rename windows 7 to what it really is Vista SE

    odd numbered versions of windows are minor releases so more then likely it wont be until windows 10 or 12 until we see a complete all new no backward compatability with previous windows. I my self do care very much what the version number is. to me a .xx release should cost me less then a full...
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    Windows 7 Lets rename windows 7 to what it really is Vista SE

    what i am saying in your quote is that technically that widows 8 is really windows 7 and technically version 7 is really version 6.1.700 just do a version check on a command prompt...
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    Windows 7 Lets rename windows 7 to what it really is Vista SE

    how is windows 7 not vista with a service pack? 7 is no different then 2000 and xp. the freaking version number of 7 is really 6.1.700 meaning version 6.1 and being .700 is a minor release like a service pack. I do love windows 7 but it is 99% vista, it is not all new. I think it is false...
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    Windows 7 Lets rename windows 7 to what it really is Vista SE

    Lets face it windows 7 really wont be released until 2013 or so. Windows 7 beta 1 is just windows vista second edition. Lets get ms to rename as such.
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    Sinofsky: Windows 7 RC releases April 10th

    microsoft needs to have windows Vista SE (windows 7) out by july or august on the store shelves for the back to school upgrades and also installed on new computers and laptops. They should have i think the rc build done now as windows 7 is just vista with lipstick and not too much new stuff in...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Slogans....

    i love 7 and think that 7 is what vista should have been...... Microsoft wants to do if for no other reason than distance from shorthand Vista. Bottom line: So far, Windows 7 looks, behaves, and performs almost exactly like Windows Vista. And it breaks all sorts of things that used to work...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Slogans....

    you are incorrect, it is version 6.1 and not 7. the only reason ms is using 7 is because of the irrational hatred of Vista. Plus to be version 7 ms needs a greater amount of code revision and newer code as well. 7 is only vista with lipstick. Sure it looks sexier, but you still have all the...
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Slogans....

    windows not really version 7 but close enough.... go ahead go to a command prompt and type ver... its really 6.1