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    Cannot record from websites

    If you could not record sound with Audacity, I can recommend a better alternative tool - Streaming Audio Recorder. It can adjust the input audio from system sound, microphone and both. For your problem, just choose "System sound" from "Settings">"Record settings">"Audio source". And click the...
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    Download Youtube Videos Mac

    It is a little complicated to download the video and convert that video to audio format. Free Video to MP3 can help you extract audio file from YouTube video straightforwardly. Hope it can help you.
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    Recording Sounds

    I do think you need to install some third-party programs to test whether you can reord sound or not. Online Audio Recorder, vocaroo are all good choices for you.
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    Can't playback my audio phone files

    If you cannot install or launch suitable softeware, why not try some online application? By utilizing this Converter, you can also convert the AMR files to compatible format for you Toshiba computer.
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    Running Error

    Recently I open my computer, an error box will appear. But I do not understand why it comes. Can anyone solve this problem?
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    FLAC OR MP3 ???

    FLAC stands for Free Lossless Audio Codec, which is a special coding format used for lossless audio compression. What makes FLAC distinguished from other audio formats like MP3, WAV, WMA is that it can keep the audio quality intact. But this kind of format cannot be played on many commom...
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    Looking for Software

    Radoi Shack may be a good choice.
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    Any freeware enable password protection on a folder

    Roboform. But you need to know, the free software may have security problem.
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    Can't connect network

    Last month I updated my system to Windows 8.1 and a problem came out. I can not connect my Wi-Fi. I do not know how to deal with that issue, can anyone help me? Thanks!!!!
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    Insider Preview Windows 10 Insider Preview

    Hope this system can be released soon!!!!!