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    Windows 7 Taskbar: A Step Backwards Aesthetically

    yeah, still not a fan of the vista circle though.
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    Windows 7 Taskbar: A Step Backwards Aesthetically

    YES, i agree with MightyMilk 100 percent this is one thing i noticed right off, the Vista Circle does not flow with the aesthetics of the square task bar, and is awkward if you have small icons set when the taskbar is not sized down. IMO MS needs to change the start icon for W7, i think a...
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    Do you guys like the new taskbar at all?

    not a major issue, but i do not like how the start menu icon is round, it puts off the aesthetics, i think MS should've used four little coloured squares to make the win7 icon instead of the vista circle. function wise i think it works great, def. took a little getting used to though.
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