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    DVD Driver Fix

    Yeah It seems to recognize a disc now when I put it in the drive. Must have been the lowerfilters key.
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    DVD Driver Fix

    I removed upper filters previously from a fix I read somewhere else and removed some driver that was loaded over the cd-rom driver that had to do with itunes or something. Cd-rom then showed up for me but still didn't work. no Auto-play or nothing. gonna removed lower filters and give it a try.
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    Has anyone else been able to successfully setup home groups and add multiple pc's to them yet? I've tried and none of the computers here can see a home group after it is setup. They still see each other on network and I can map and share and do whatever between like previously in Vista but the...
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    "Unidentified Network" "Local Access"

    If anyone is having this problem where the network shows up as unidentified and you have local access only its most likely because you let your computer go into "Sleep" mode. This was a common problem for people in Vista and it still seems to be an issue in Windows 7. I had to disable sleep mode...