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    Windows 8.1: What's New, Video, and Screenshots

    @goodintentions you actually sort of make a point everyone has been trying to say. Not everyone uses the same device. As for the consumer world, everyone I know has a traditional desktop/laptop that they use around the house because the applications are better than the apps and nothing is...
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    Windows 8.1: What's New, Video, and Screenshots

    I would say you are 70% correct. I have run across a couple of games that do not work with the Windows 8 desktop. Not to mention, desktop applications that prompt for user input, but are never seen in Windows 8 because it wants to stick the PC user in the ridiculous modern UI with it's...
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    My Windows 8.1 Preview

    Having used Windows 8.1, I have to say John is correct from a Windows 7 user perspective. For us who had Windows 8 thrust upon them via new hardware it is a definite improvement. I attempt to stay away from third party apps at the OS level as much as possible, especially when a newish OS has...
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    Troubleshooting Windows

    I have to say, back when the career path for technology led through end user support I learned a lot right out of school. Most of what I learned I still carry with me today. Even so, time and bad habits can cause a person to forget some best practices. When Windows 8 was forced upon my new...
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    Why the Windows 8.1 Start Screen is a good option for the desktop

    In my blog today I discuss the tweaks between Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 for the start button/screen. I show how, in my humble opinion, Microsoft has successfully evolved the start menu for the desktop. Link Removed
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    Windows 8 Booting and Starting Faster than Windows 7

    I've been looking pretty close at this over time, and the honest answer is no. However, with the UEFI BIOS it does boot faster. You would need Windows 7 on the same box for a true compare. Windows 8, when it is shutoff, actually saves part of what you are running to disk. Almost like a...
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    Windows 8.1: What's New, Video, and Screenshots

    I have to be honest, this is the sort of thing Microsoft is driving me, and a lot of users, crazy with. Honestly, we don't want, nor need, to hear about devices, we just want to see the actual OS actually function. 1.5 Billion of us run Windows on a desktop or laptop. Odds are around 99.9...
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    Say Hello to McVirtual World

    I am new to the Windows 8 forums. I have always loved the forums, I think it's because it takes me back to the BBS days in the late 80's and early 90's. Say what you will about social networking, but forum postings have always been a great way to communicate real ideas. I actually already...
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    Windows 8 Microsoft's Windows 8 a Success?

    Isn't this the same sort of "pie in the sky" writing most of the tech journalist have been spouting for sometime? The comment at the bottom of the article says it best, Windows 8 could take off, Windows 7 will, and heck for that matter Linux possibly could, in the land of what if. Reality...
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    Windows 8 Windows 8.1 will be ready for manufacturers in August

    This sounds reasonable. I have to say I'm glad to see Microsoft not giving an exact day. Getting it right is more important than getting it now. Their updates on the preview have been timely, and I like the desktop support...finally. Very much looking forward to seeing how this version runs...