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    Should you install Linux alongside Windows?

    I'm glad you found an agreeable distro to work with. Your thread inspired me to revisit linux again after a few years away. The progress that has been made is astounding since I last used it in 2005/6. After installing a few distros Mint/Mepis/Kubuntu/OpenSuse, I settled on Ubuntu. Although I...
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    Should you install Linux alongside Windows?

    I don't know why you keep mentioning this as if it's some great feature of Windows 7? This is for obvious security reasons. If you don't want a password then just run as root, because that is essentially what you are doing with Windows. You are comparing using an OS as root with using an OS as a...
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    Pressing the Hash/Pound/Number key causes shutdown

    I haven't installed any software that I would normally use or edited the registry at all, that's what's so puzzling. I think I'll just try and get a temporary lend of another keyboard to rule my own one out. I wouldn't mind if it done something less annoying, but shutting down the pc isn't very...
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    Pressing the Hash/Pound/Number key causes shutdown

    For some odd reason W7 has recently taken to shutting down when I press the # key. It does this even in combination with other keys, like Shift, Alt etc. I don't have much use for the key but sometimes I do use it and almost always forget that it triggers an immediate shutdown. I tried using an...
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    Automatically Disabling / Enabling Hardware Devices **HELP**

    Hmm. I'll try again.. Maybe Link Removed - Invalid URL is what you are after?
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    Automatically Disabling / Enabling Hardware Devices **HELP**

    Maybe Link Removed - Invalid URL is what you are after?
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    Windows 7 Customizing Windows 7 Start Menu via script

    Why exactly do you want to rename the folder in the first place, it's called 'Music' for a good reason? You can customize the link in the start menu by right-clicking on 'Music' and choosing 'Properties', then you can choose which folders it points to. So you could remove the existing links and...
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    random floppy access

    I'm assuming you almost never use the floppy drive anyway? Either way, just go into 'Device Manager' and disable the floppy from there. If you disable it in the bios then you would need to reboot and reactivate it if you wanted to use it. Disabling it in 'Device Manager' will prevent random...
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    Running older progs in Win 7

    I think you meant Zone Alarm? Anyway, it sounds like you are trying to run the 32 bit installer, which shouldn't actually be a problem. The only thing I can think of is that ZA forces you to use the 64 bit version if you are running a 64 bit OS. There must be a 64 bit version of the installer...
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    Loaded Window 7 and now computer will not even turn on

    Google brought up dozens of links to similar solutions like here. Hopefully that helps :)
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    Help with Interent Browser display

    Got to 'All Programs > Accesories', there you will find the 'Snipping Tool' which you can use to take a screenshot. It would be a big help :)
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    Dedicating more Ram to Graphics Card?

    It should be in the bios somewhere but it's not going to make a significant difference. The highest amount of RAM available to dedicate is 256MB and it's only used as overflow as far as I know. I think it only really applies to onboard video anyway to help it out, as it's always a lot weaker...
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    Upgrade win 7 32bit to win 7 64 bit

    It's not possible as the OS architecture is different, it has to be a clean install. You could backup your files and settings if you know where the folders are located. For the most part they should be compatible. I kept the settings for Firefox, Chrome, uTorrent and several other apps and they...
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    where can i DOWNLOAD live mail

    No worries sir, I'm glad it all worked out in the end :)
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    where can i DOWNLOAD live mail

    It's the full offline installer. It's 133MB. The web installer is like 2MB because it's only a stub. It doesn't want to INSTALL after you download it if you done it properly, ie you chose to 'SAVE' rather then 'OPEN'. Then you should save it to somewhere of your choosing instead of somewhere...