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    Just my 2cents

    The amount of thought that went in to these posts is impressive. Guess this is something that has been under consideration for a while. A few sites where I contribute content have also recently experienced a drop in traffic - most notably in their feedback/forum pages. The drop may be due...
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    Just my 2cents

    Well your public relations dept is top notch anyway :beguiled: I wish you the best with your ad mix
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    Just my 2cents

    I appreciate your response. The ads on the side are normal and expected, but the underlined words that pop up an ad when I scroll over accidentally are what drives me away. Normally I just leave when sites do that, and I just leave quietly, but your site has been an excellent resource...
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    Just my 2cents

    I hope you will consider this as someone trying to be helpful, because I am not saying this to be mean. I came here today looking for a solution to my mic settings in win speech recognition. I'm leaving now, without sticking around to find an answer. Most people use ad blocker software I...
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    Windows 7 Internet download speed crappy

    Most likely the isp try this Link Removed - Invalid URL you latency times may be killing your speed ( Esp Time Warner Cable & Comcast)
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    Windows XP Anyone still using XP? And why

    Though I'm looking at Win7 ( which is why I'm poking around here) XP is still on my machine. The best operating system for me is one I can forget, and where all my applications will run flawlessly.
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    Any Ubuntu users around here?

    My computer came configured as a dual boot because one of the video editors I use runs better under linux. (ubntu 9.04) Never had any trouble with windows or linux