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    Just a personal non-professional observation

    Someone gave me a stack of HP NC6400. I swapped out the drive with a 7200 rpm drive and gave it 2gig of RAM. Installed 8.1, used vista drivers for the hardware that was not auto installed. System is fast and smooth. I no longer have to rely on my work laptop. My wife has a laptop but it is all...
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    How do I transfer dropbox files to a pics folder in Win 8?

    Are you using App from the windows store, the web page, or the program you can download from drop box web site? It makes a huge difference. The only one that works even remotely different would be the App from the MS store which was not available in Windows 7. The webpage and the drop box...
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    Windows Explorer Views

    While browsing folders in the Computer folder, you can apply the current view setting to all folders on your computer that are optimized for the same content as the folder you have open. Open a folder, click the arrow next to the Views button on the toolbar, and choose a view setting. On the...
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    Re: Blue Screen on Startup, Safe Mode fails...

    If this happens then you need to complete the first time setup. There is no bypassing this once sysprep has been run and set the system back to oobe. (out of box experience) Run through the setup, it only takes a minute or so and post back and let us know if you were able to get to a log in...
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    help upgrading 32 to 64 bit win7

    Few questions... 1. Did you burn this dvd yourself? 2. If you burned this DVD, have you tried burning it again? Most often you can access the boot level menu right as the machine powers on. Usually this can be done by hitting one of the following keys: F2, F10, F11, or F12. In some instances...
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    Problem with opening shortcuts

    Re: בעיה עם פתיחת קיצורי דרך Sounds like the registry is corrupted. You might try restoring the machine to a previous system restore date. This was a problem seen in XP often. To access system restore, goto start / programs /accessories / system tools and click the system restore icon. If...
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    Wirless Connection but no internet access

    open a command prompt. (in the run box type cmd and hit enter) at the command prompt type in: ipconfig /all hit enter. Post the IP address for your wireless card as well as the subnet, dns and gateway. Thanks.
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    Best Hard drive for Windows 7

    Thats like comparing a ford with a radio flyer wagon. RAID performance is ALWAYS faster on similar drives. The raid controller itself buffers transfer data speeding up performance along with the way it stores and recalls the data. Put a single 250 in a non raid against the single 500GB that is...
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    Win 7 booting from G: partition in dual boot mode

    Just so I am clear, as I am slo.. While loaded into 7, it shows the windows 7 install on the G drive? It should show it on the C drive. I agree busydog. I would suggest that if you are not far into the software installs to start from scratch. This time booting from the DVD and doing the...
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    How can I Logon to a hidden user account?

    if you have the user selection screen, and you hit ctrl + alt + del twice in a row it will bring up a standard system log in prompt where you can enter a username and password. If you already boot to log on screen then no it will do nothing for you.
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    How can I Logon to a hidden user account?

    when you get to the user selection... hit ctrl alt del twice in a row and it will give you a log in prompt where you can enter any username on the system and password.
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    roxio creator pro 2010

    I have several hundred Windows 7 machines all running Roxio 10.3 and it works and installs perfectly fine.
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    Best Hard drive for Windows 7

    While faster RPM drives are good they can easily be compensated for with cache. I recommend a decent 7200 rpm drive with a 32 meg cache. I run my OS on a seagate 160 7200 rpm 16meg drive and I can do most things as fast as my co-worker who has 10k rpm raptor drives. I often load into games...
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    "Varias redes activas" me impiden conectar a internet

    Por favor, para darle a mi pobre español. si sólo utiliza el wifi a continuación, basta con deshabilitar la tarjeta de red en Windows. Ir al administrador de dispositivos y desactivarlo.
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    Windows 7 can't upload +1MB files

    The problem is in the browser. Go to Internet Explorer and uncheck the "Offline mode". Alternatively, remove Google Toolbar as well. root cause: Google Toolbar uses Flash to talk to native Windows API when displaying the progress bar during attachment uploads. If you put your Internet...