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    Anyone upgrading to Windows 11 have any issues?

    I installed PC Health Checker to see whether Windows 11 can run on my computer, but sadly, it told me my PC was not compatible. Then, I heard that Windows Media Creation Tool can help me get Windows 11 installed on my incompatible PC. Indeed, I succeeded.
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    Windows 10 Windows Settings>Recovery keeps crashing

    I once reinstalled my Windows OS with Windows media creation tool. It's totally free and you can get it from Microsoft official website. Please note that make a backup of your important data in case of any accident during reinstalling.
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    Windows 11 need help for window 11

    I suggest you test your hard drive speed at first: Step 1: Right click Task Bar on the bottom of your screen, and choose "Task Manager" in the extended menu. Step 2: In the pop out windows, you will see different tabs on the top, click "Performance". Step 3: Choose the hard drive on the left...
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    Can't delete "free space" partition!

    It seems that you cannot delete it directly, you can use the free space to create a new partition by "New Simple Volume" or extend a partition by "Extend Volume" in Disk Management.