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    Please Help! I'll do anything!

    If you have access to another PC, you can go to MS and create a new USB key image. Appears the USB image is corrupted. Also, trysetting the BIOS to default. Does the disc show in BIOS, not in boot options but in the overview page?
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    Cleaning disc?
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    Resetting Computer

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    Installing Windows 11

    It depends on how you do the install. If an update from MS no clean install yes.
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    Windows 11 source

    Just had some yesterday, I have since activated and that may be why.
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    Windows shows the folder order in an undesirable way by default ...?!?

    Go to file explorer click on view click on group by clicking on first entry "name" each time you click on it it toggles between ascending & descending
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    Restoring default views

    If you copied files over they may have been marked read only. You need to give them read/wrirte. Not sure how to do it for a whole nested directory but I'm sure if you check on the internet the instructions can be found.
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    Restoring default views

    I think it's better but ran the beta for it so I was used to it. It does take a little while to get used to the differences. Glad you sorted out your issue, may have happened on an update. Like anything time fixes a lot of things.
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    Restoring default views

    Try this click view and in the top then navigation on the left. There are some option there play with them to see what you like. They are on off check mark on, open pane off.
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    Windows 11 source

    Yes. No issue with the install of course it is not activated yet.
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    Windows 11 source

    I put win11 on vbox with my 4th gen I5 and seems to be happy. Used the ISO version. I used the one from MS.
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    How to configure DVD/BluRay player to PC.

    The case from Newegg is $64.00
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    How to configure DVD/BluRay player to PC.

    External USB case at Newegg
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    windows 10 upgrade

    If the tablet supports the win11 requirements, be aware this is beta software prone to issues.
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    relocate actiontec router

    Should be fine what ever is on one drop is on the other.