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    page breaks

    That is the hope this may be your problem. Check this so see if it is selected Open word, select page layout, click small arrow on Paragraph, in the spacing area at the bottom there is a check box to turn off spacing between paragraphs. When you create the template and make it the default on...
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    page breaks

    Look on the internet for instructions to create a new template and how to make it the default for all new docs. Too long to provide them for you.
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    page breaks

    As I mentioned earlier you may be using a template that is causing this problem if that is the case every document you create with have this undesired result. IF you are worried it would not hurt to back up the document directory, safety is always the best.
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    page breaks

    Not needed that is the default for word. You can change it to of own choosing. As an example, I have all my office files in a directory called DATA, then directories for each of these under DATA WORD, EXCEL, MAIL, & POWERPOINT. But documents is fine just a little harder to find what you want.
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    page breaks

    Open word go to top left click says office button on that. When menu opens bottom says word options click there. Click on save look at default file location that should tell you wear files are saved. If you have never gone to this area there may be a setting that could solve your problem this...
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    page breaks

    Find where the files are stored and back them up to a new directory, if you do lose them, you can just copy them to wherever the ne word install puts them
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    page breaks

    Go to settings > APPS > scroll down to Microsoft office 2007 Click on it select modify add or remove features uninstall word. Repeat process but reinstall this time.
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    page breaks

    On win10 2007 works fine have it on 2 desktops and 1 laptop. Backup your word file reinstall and point to whatever you want you want your save file to be copy over done and done
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    page breaks Try this to repair word.
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    Please Help! I'll do anything!

    If you have access to another PC, you can go to MS and create a new USB key image. Appears the USB image is corrupted. Also, trysetting the BIOS to default. Does the disc show in BIOS, not in boot options but in the overview page?
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    Cleaning disc?
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    Resetting Computer

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    Installing Windows 11

    It depends on how you do the install. If an update from MS no clean install yes.
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    Windows 11 source

    Just had some yesterday, I have since activated and that may be why.
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    Windows shows the folder order in an undesirable way by default ...?!?

    Go to file explorer click on view click on group by clicking on first entry "name" each time you click on it it toggles between ascending & descending