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    My Sony viao netbook model VPC11M11M1E rejects all attempts to search websites and reports that IE cannot display the web page

    Well if you are up to it you could put win10 on it with a valid win7 license it is possible, might be better then the recycle bin.
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    Refresh File Explorer with F5?

    Glad not all PC's have that option. :up:
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    Refresh File Explorer with F5?

    Check your BIOS may be and option to change there from action to function. If so this would reverse the keys from what they are now to what you want.
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    Windows 10 Strange beeping noise.

    Just go online and search for Dell Post codes, I think they are generic.
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    You tube sign in.

    Occasional security check happens to me every 3 or 4 months. If every time something else, not sure what it could be. Maybe someone else will come along with more knowledge.
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    New Router, maybe.

    site is causing double posts at times .
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    New Router, maybe.

    Power line would be an option, but not the same as wired. There are models that have built in Wi-Fi so that could extend your Wi-Fi without the loss of speed with a regular extender which cuts the speed in half.
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    New Power Supply

    Most cases will handle any standard PS. If it does not fit (doubtful) buy from a reputable dealer that will allow you to return without penalty.
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    "There was a problem resetting your PC"

    My friend please look at the years of post before replying this one is 7 years old. I understand your desire to kelp but make sure the post is relevant. Welcome aboard.
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    How do I permanently disable Windows updates?

    The only other thought I have is to backup your OS drive to an external source, and then try a clean install. If that works then you can move data info to the new OS , sadly you will have to reinstall programs manually. Make sure before you start this you have all your software at hand and any...
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    Windows has Started Shutting Down on Its Own

    First check for a heat problem, blocked fans, fans not working (AKA not spinning up), etc.
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    How to Upgrade this computer to Windows 10?

    If you want to do it the least expansive way grab an OEM key and get windows 10 from MS for free.
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    Windows 10 Missing format option on right click for CD-RW

    If you can still rollback and then reinstall 2004 that might work??????
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    Windows 10 Missing format option on right click for CD-RW

    First thing is to uninstall the driver and let it reinstall in device manager. Next would to be if that does not work look at the version and see if there is a newer version.