Howard Walker

Angry young man grown into a grumpy old man.
Dismayed by the way people in the IT trade change things just because they can rather than because they need to.
Write code every day and take my 28 year old BMW 635CSi out for a run when things don't go right. Have a great wife who I love very much indeed. Do 20,000 miles every year just for the fun of it. Like working for charity in my spare time. Have a Facebook account with everything turned off. Its great for logging into sites with if you cannot remember a password. Lots more but its time I got back to bed.
Real Name
Howard Walker
Religious Views
Relationship Status
Operating System
Linux, XP, win 7 win 8 win 3.1, BBC Basic, Dos
Computer Type
Home made
Internet Explorer Version
Never use it
WEb writer
Computer Monitor
LG 22 inch + LG 21 inch
Hard Drive
12 assorted
Optical Drives
Keyboard and Mouse
Modem-Router Type
BT Home Hub 1 and 2
Samsung Lazer
Network Speed
very slow indeed - 800K bits per minute
Anti-virus Software
Norton 360
Productivity Suite
Open Office
Computer Skill Level
Average Ability
Windows Experience Index
Favorite Application
Dreamweaver CS6






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