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    Windows 7 Custom Signature Request

    Re: GFX Request i'm back guys! i like to learn how you guys do this sigs what softwares are you using? i am into gimp, is that good enough? :peace:
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    End of June Updates

    I liked the new look of the forum! awesome's good to be back.
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    Windows 7 Custom Signature Request

    Re: GFX Request i agree rbeldua, she is good and fast i did not expect it until 2morrow. you guys are great! thank you! :peace:
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    Laptop Fan

    thanks for the help kemical..:) i will start reading. i hope it doesn't involve any dismantling lol.
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    8-Bit Harry Potter Interactive - Broom Sticks

    nice game :)
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    Post your pet

    my puppy her name is "isha" she was a gift from a friend.
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    Three Word Story

    Re: Re: Three Word Story of broken heart
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    Yes or No

    Re: Re: Yes or No NO, are you member of any club?
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    Windows 7 Custom Signature Request

    Re: GFX Request i'm back guys, so much busy this days, can i request for sig. for weekly rotation :) , you are guys truly awesome!
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    Laptop Fan

    hello everyone, what would be the best way to clean a laptop fan? using a compressed air or dismantling the cover and everything? any input on this matter is greatly appreciated.
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    Windows 7 Windows 7 Misc, Theme/Wallpaper Packs

    hi, those are very good themes you just did. do you do heroes stuff themes? :)
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    Windows 7 So What Are You Playing Right Now?

    counter strike and dota, never get tired of playing those games, next week i was thinking of installing sims 3.
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    windows 7 frozen at starup

    fixed it by safe mode with command prompt and the fixmbr repaired the masterboot record. thank you guys for your help. :peace:
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    windows 7 frozen at starup

    it was a clean install in my laptop the cursor was thw windows orb until now i can not find a solution for it.i will try to search for a black screen. will post back. thanks