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    Sharing problem

    Hello! I have two computers with windows 7. Desktop is connected through cable and laptop through wireless connection. I want to share files on desktop. So I have right-click on e: and y: on desktop and set them to be shared. I see them and I access them with my laptop except for +mp3...
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    beta to RC

    Can I upgrade beta to RC directly or should I do clean install for RC? I have a lot of program installed on beta I would not like to lose or install again.
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    Windows Explorer defaults to libraries

    Starting Explorer from “My Computerâ€Â￾. If you spend more time manipulating files outside of the documents folders than inside, you might want to change the default starting directory for Windows Explorer so that it opens at the Computer node: To do this, navigate to Windows Explorer...
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    Skype no body can hear me!

    I had version 3.8. Win 7 warned me before installing for known issues with this software. My 3.8 version would crash after few seconds of working. I have uninstalled it. i pressed check compatibility at window which warned me about incompatibility of skype 3.8, and windows found me skype 4.0...
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    Windows Explorer defaults to libraries

    yes it is customizible. but I just want to have computer as default since it is easier for me to access items in computer through computer than through libraries. And libraries woul remeber all my removable items even if those are not there. I do like favourites, but libraries is something I...
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    Windows Explorer defaults to libraries

    same here. I don't like to have libraries as defaults. I need my computer to be listed when keypressed windows + E.