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    Help, What should I Update?

    hmm, you got a good point there,but waiting till the middle of this year is not an option for me, cause In Honduras, there is not a place where I can get that card, and I'm going to get it cause my pops is going to USA to a convention..
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    Help, What should I Update?

    I think the fermi's prices will lower the 5970 prices, but I doubt it will lower the 5850, because I think that the nvidia counterpart of the 5850 was the gtx 285. Thanks for the advice, I think I will have to handle the bottlenecking, cause my 8500 gt isn't going to handle this years games even...
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    Help, What should I Update?

    mi motherboard is a Foxconn P4M9007MB Series , 3 GB of ram, 512 video geforce 8500 gt, Win 7 x64, 1 Tb Disk. The thing that makes me doubt, is if my motherboard is enough for the radeon 5850.
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    Help, What should I Update?

    Guys, I need help upgrading mi rig. I got 350 bucks, and I can't decide between changing to a quad 9550 (250$) + geforce 9800gt (100$) or going with a radeon 5850 (300$) Personally, i would prefer not to buy the quad, because I want to hop to i7 soon.. The thing that is bothering me, is that my...
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    Windows 7 Need For Speed SHIFT

    anyone has had problems with shift? this piece of s... crashes every time i start the first race.. i updated it and nothing.. help?
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    Help.. BSOD and 4gb ram

    yes im running 7 x64.. i doubt that it is compatibility cause my neighbor has exactly the same configuration (1 markvision 2gb and 1 titan 2gb) and no problems at all.. maybe the motherboard.. :s
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    Help.. BSOD and 4gb ram

    i got 3gb.. when i switched the 1gb for the 2gb stick.. and rebooted.. system properties said 4gb installed( 2.94 usable).. it can be that one ram is markvision and the other one is a titan.. but that shouldnt be a problem.. or should it?
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    Help.. BSOD and 4gb ram

    Hi mi fellow 7ers.. yesterday i bought 2 gigs of ram so i have 4 total.. i switched the 1 gb ram for the 2gb.. when i rebooted.. the system only recognized 2.94 gigs even though i got x64 RTM.. and just a couple of secs after.. BSOD!.. and then the ram started to dump stuff in the hard drive...
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    Windows 7 Street Fighter 4.

    hmm agree with the dude in the previous post i got it running fine on 7100 and 7600.. try to update the game for windows live.. perhaps thats the problem?
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    win 7 rc x64 wont detect 4 gb ram

    yup done everything.. think i will download build 7201 and try luck.. thx for the help anyway..
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    win 7 rc x64 wont detect 4 gb ram

    help again guys.. mi win 7 doesnt detect mi 4gb of ram even though i just installed the 64 bit version clean..
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    RC ending

    im going to get the final version.. the ''other way''..
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    The Beta was better!?!?!

    the rc pwns the beta.. for me.. the rc is perfect.. 0 issues.. so i just love 7..
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    Windows 7 Games that Work and Games that Don't.

    games that work for me Rc1 32 bit with 3 gb ram and 512 video assasins creed burnout paradise COD 4 Counter Strike 1.6 Crysis Dead Space End War Flatout Ultimate Carnage Half Life, Opposing Forces, Blue Shift Hawx GTA IV Medal Of Honor Airborne Mercenaries 2 World in Flames NFS Most Wanted...
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    Windows 7 6.1.7266.0.win7_rtm.090625-1847 - Another new candidate in build

    don't these ms guys sleep or something?