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    Windows 7 Windows Version Test

    If anyone knows a way I can trick gta 4 durring it's check for current operating system durring it's install I would appreaciate it.
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    People love Code name Mojave, which is really Vista

    Those folger switch commercials I am sure they are highly edited to start with - besides those are perfectly supported OEM's on a really tight rig. How about you give those same people the dvd and have them take it home try to install it on THEIR PC and see how that works out. At least 1...
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    Will Windows' 7's public perception be better?

    Public perception At the risk of getting all the hate mail from the people who can't understand my point of view I will say that the public perception isn't because people hate microsoft or that they didn't want to change it was and still is (with regard to Vista) all from word on the street...
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    Windows 7 won't have compatability issues

    Compatability If you absolutely have to play a windows 95/98 game why wouldn't you just do it in a virtual machine? - It is free. One of the excellent things MS has.
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    Windows 7 Newest Build

    Experience Index I think the difference is that the new windows 7 scale goes to 7.9 instead of 5.9 not that it was flawed in vista. Also I forgot to mention that the favorites are now in a sidebox like something out of visual studio. The quicklauch is usefull. Why the F&*( would they just...
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    Windows 7 Newest Build

    Differences between 6956 and 6801 I just asked a question, here's the answer: The Good 6956 differences from 6801 way cooler startup screen The HELP WorKS!! New Action Center in Control panel You can access the taskmanager on the right-click context menu of the toolbar (At least on my machine)...
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    Windows 7 Newest Build

    I am just currious if anyone has 6956. I have the 6801 and I have no problems with it at all. Anyway, I was just wondering if someone could take their time to testify about any differences in the new build so that I could decide if I want to let go of my system that is already near flawless...
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    Windows 7 Send to Library

    I found it really useful to put any library in the send to context menu for folders that have alot of mixed content so you can right click to add to a library. This can be accomplished by going to folder options and showing hidden files. The send to folder can then be located...
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    Windows 7 Library Refrence for windows 7

    Does anyone know where I could find a refrence on how Microsoft is going to handle the new library class in C#? I can't find it on the MSDN or the PCD sites I was given. I would assume it will be something to the effect of CurrentUser.Library.whatever but I cannot confim this. If someone...
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    Windows 7 Visual Studio 2010

    If you have the hard drive space you should definitely check this out. Microsoft has made awesome improvements. The download isn't bad but extracting takes a lot of space. Download details: Visual Studio 2010 and .NET Framework 4.0 CTP
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    can i go back to XP?

    Yes All you have to do is rename program files.old just take out the .old. But not for windows just program files. boot from your xp cd it will find the previous version of windows and you can repair it. If you don't rename program files first your 3rd party software will be all messed up.
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    Driver Signing Issue PLEASE HELP

    Yeah you are right - it won't work I just wanted to say that I did finally find a way to disable the driver signing in windows 7 - but OF COURSE 32 bit drivers won't work on a 64 bit system. If anyone is interested the only way to install an unsigned driver in windows 7 is to stop the...
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    Driver Signing Issue PLEASE HELP

    I can't get my ps/gc adapter to work. I installed it in windows 7 32 bit and it worked perfect. Now I went to the 64 bit and it says the driver isn't digitally signed and won't install it. None of the vista work arounds for digital signning work in 7. What do I do?? It could be years before a...
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    Zune on Windows 7?

    LOL you bought a zune This will fix your problem There is also a Diagnostic for Zune here Link Removed due to 404 Error
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    Windows 7 vs. other versions of Windows

    If you skip Me and Vista they are! Maybe there is a pattern and Visat was just another Mellinium Edition :)